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Melania’s Hair Stylist DISHES On What the First Lady is REALLY LIKE Behind the Scenes

Lino Carbosiero is a hairstylist to the stars, and he has many stories to tell about how some of his famous clients really are behind the scenes. Incidentally, this individual is also the hairstylist to first lady Melania Trump, and does he have a few stories to tell regarding how Melania and President Trump get along behind the scenes.

Get ready for it, folks….believe it or not, Carbosiero says that Melania has a “totally different side to her” and that he noticed that she and Donald have a very sweet “bond” with each other.

Carbosiero appeared on the Lorraine Show, and he said that Melania was just “so nice” behind the scenes.
Lorraine asked him, “Well, we see this woman and she has this persona of being frozen faced and looking miserable. She doesn’t look like she wants to be there and she doesn’t particularly look to be very happy. But you apparently now know something different?”

Carbosiero was very adamant. “Oh yes, I see a completely different side, and I know that it is very different to what people try to say about her. She’s so warm and considerate. My assistants, she’s always asking about them and if they want something to drink. She is very nice. It’s unbelievable. She will hug you, and if you ask any member of her team about her, they too will say that they love her. They love the president actually too.”

Indeed, it seemed that there were even certain points where it appeared that Carbosiero was even gushing. “They’re just awfully nice behind the scenes. Believe me, I would know. When you are working with someone at 5 or 6 in the morning, you see the true person,” he said. “That’s when they are in their natural state, when the cameras are off, and that’s when you get a good understanding of what someone is really like.”

Of course, Lorraine was still trying to be somewhat contrarian, so she noted that she didn’t see Melania’s warmth as being that evident. However, Mr. Carbosiero didn’t back down.

“I see how that could come across simply because they are very guarded. They live in a glass house simply because everyone is trying to be guarded against those in the limelight. They are judged a great deal and it makes them seem really reserved,” Carbosiero said. “Privately, Melania is a very funny person, intelligent, and very respectful. Just a lovely person. She truly is.”

Of course, Lorraine also probed a bit regarding Melania’s TRUE relationship with her husband, and Carbosiero replied: “They have such cheekiness together, they are very loving….they really have this sweet little bond. It’s neat to see.”

Carbosiero also went on to note that this couple actually takes an interest in their assistants, which is something that famous people rarely do. Naturally, this is a breath of fresh air simply because we all remember just how Hillary used to treat HER assistants, am I right?

What do you think about how this hair stylist views the First Lady and the President of the United States? Feel free to comment below!


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