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Melania Turning Heads Over the “HIDDEN MESSAGE” in Her VOTING DAY OUTFIT

When Melania Trump turned out to vote in Florida, she wore a dress that sparked a lot of controversy and turned a lot of heads, to say the least. In the process, it also sparked an intense debate on Twitter.

Part of the reason was the design of the dress, which consisted of a chain-linked pattern with horse bits. This tool is part of a horse’s tack and it will normally keep the horse’s mouth under control. Needless to say, a lot of the liberals on Twitter were claiming that the design of this $4,500 dress represented handcuffs and chains.

“Melania is sending a message here that she is in chains and she is divorcing him soon,” one individual tweeted out.

“I was planning on tweeting out a joke about the chains that were on Melania’s dress, but someone here has probably already beat me to it on here somewhere,” another person commented.

“We just saw Melania Trump wearing a dress to vote that had handcuffs and chains all over it. This is showing that they are in control,” someone else tweeted.

Finally, another person wrote, “Does Melania really think that by wearing this dress it will inspire any empathy for her?”

Still, there were some individuals who were simply just outraged over the price of the dress, especially considering that there are many jobless people out there due to the disastrous effects of the coronavirus.

“Well, well, well!” Someone commented. “Why is it okay for Melania to wear a $4500 dress for election day, but her husband is hundreds of millions in debt to foreigners and millions of Americans are losing their jobs and healthcare?”

Of course, even though Melania has her share of detractors, she also has had her share of fans as well. One of the main ways they interpreted this dress was that it was sending a message that she believed her husband was going to be re-elected.

“The cryptic message on Melania’s dress is to be found in the patterns. We see links, we see chains, and we see it constantly. It’s a continuation, so it means a second term.” stated one commenter.

Of course, Melania’s dress wasn’t the only thing that drew people’s attention on Tuesday. Several people were also upset at Melania because she didn’t wear a face mask. What made it more notable was that she was the only one at the polling station who didn’t wear a mask. However, she was quick to brush these allegations off.

First of all, she said that she was the only one at that polling station besides the workers, and everyone had been tested. Next, one of Melania’s staffers noted that no one had been near the first lady due to the social distancing policy and the privacy that people are entitled to when they vote. Melania had fully recovered from COVID-19 and said she is no longer carrying the disease.

Do you think people have some valid points here or are they just overreacting against the Trumps as usual? Share your comments!


2 thoughts on “Melania Turning Heads Over the “HIDDEN MESSAGE” in Her VOTING DAY OUTFIT

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