Rand Paul GRILLS Rachel Levine on Her Position on SEX CHANGES FOR CHILDREN, Then RESPONDS to Accusations of TRANSPHOBIA

Apparently, the liberals are running amok again on Capitol Hill. This time, they are putting well-known Kentucky Senator Rand Paul through the ringer because of his intense questioning of President Biden’s pick for the assistant secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine. This was in regards to her alleged support of giving transgendered children sex-change surgeries […]

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Stun Guns

12-Year-Old Tampa Girl Arrested After Selling Stun Guns To Her Classmates

A 12-year-old girl in Tampa, Florida is finding herself in a bit of hot water because she allegedly brought stun guns to her middle school and was selling them to her classmates. Police arrested the girl last Friday after school administrators caught her with the weapons, according to a release by the Tampa Police Department. […]

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Near Death Experience (Viral Stories)

This Teen Died and Came Back to Life and Now Wants Everyone to Know What it Was Like

Liliana might be only a teenager but she definitely has quite the story to tell. She has found a new lease on life because of the fact that she literally died and learned that there is indeed an afterlife. Her out-of-body experience occurred when she¬†suffered an extreme and rare allergic reaction after she did marijuana […]

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Cemetery Headstone

A 4-Year-Old’s Headstone Had To Be Removed Because of ONE PERSON

Of course, the council is playing some damage control here, so they are now saying that if they had received the application with the specific description of the headstone design within the appropriate time frame, they would have rejected it anyway. They also said that the headstone should have been installed in the children’s area […]

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Islam in America

NINE SIMPLE WORDS From This Concerned Father Shuts Down His American School’s Islamic Education Program

Christopher Wyrick has always been a stand-up guy. Even though he lives in the large urban area of San Diego, he believes that America should be first in every aspect of his life simply because he believes that this is the greatest country on the face of the Earth. That is why when the San […]

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Political correctness

BLACK PRIVILEGE? African Doctor Fired After Word of Him Abusing His Son Got Out, But Blames His “Culture”, Gets Job Back

An African British consultant and anesthesiologist was relieved of his duties after the abuse he had done to his son came to light. Apparently, Dr. Adekunle Okunuga had whipped his ten-year-old son with an aluminum broom handle. However, there is a twist to this story. Apparently, once Dr. Okunuga began blaming his “cultural upbringing” and […]

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Sasha Obama

TIKTOK VUGARITY…Sasha Obama Sparks CONTROVERSY After Singing THIS SONG in Video

TikTok has become well-known as a video app where millennials and the Gen Z crowd will have a good time and dance to a variety of music. Well, apparently Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter has taken to TikTok as well, and she has gotten a little bit carried away, to say the least. Apparently, the […]

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Federal Court Just Made THIS RULING Regarding the Continued Building of President Trump’s BORDER WALL

When it comes to President Trump, there are a lot of things that the media tends to ignore. Yes, it’s highly likely at this point that Joe Biden will be the next president, but that still isn’t stopping President Trump from doing his best to get things done. Here is one case in point: The […]

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