Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump Got Treated LIKE THIS After Unveiling the 2020 Christmas Decorations

A few weeks ago, Melania Trump unveiled the new Christmas decorations for 2020. The elegant first lady capped it off by thanking all of the volunteers who made the Christmas decorations possible by their tireless work of setting up decorations of trees, wreaths, and Christmas lights. Although the theme was called “America the Beautiful”, there […]

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Melania Turning Heads Over the “HIDDEN MESSAGE” in Her VOTING DAY OUTFIT

When Melania Trump turned out to vote in Florida, she wore a dress that sparked a lot of controversy and turned a lot of heads, to say the least. In the process, it also sparked an intense debate on Twitter. Part of the reason was the design of the dress, which consisted of a chain-linked […]

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Melania’s Hair Stylist DISHES On What the First Lady is REALLY LIKE Behind the Scenes

Lino Carbosiero is a hairstylist to the stars, and he has many stories to tell about how some of his famous clients really are behind the scenes. Incidentally, this individual is also the hairstylist to first lady Melania Trump, and does he have a few stories to tell regarding how Melania and President Trump get […]

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