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First Lady Melania Trump Got Treated LIKE THIS After Unveiling the 2020 Christmas Decorations

A few weeks ago, Melania Trump unveiled the new Christmas decorations for 2020. The elegant first lady capped it off by thanking all of the volunteers who made the Christmas decorations possible by their tireless work of setting up decorations of trees, wreaths, and Christmas lights.

Although the theme was called “America the Beautiful”, there were some people who just couldn’t help but be critical. A lot of the naysayers called the decorations tacky, and some went a step further by calling the trees “Grinch Green.”

Another commenter mocked the color of the accompanying vases, exclaiming, “Black funeral urns…nothing says warmth and joy like that.”

Melania Trump posted a photo where she was standing next to the White House Christmas tree, and the post was captioned with the following: “This is the weekend where volunteers all across the United States have come in order to decorate the White House for the Christmas season. We appreciate your time, devotion, and enthusiasm to ensure that the spirit of joy and peace will fill up all of these historical rooms that make up the People’s House!”

Unfortunately for Melania, this also revived the #MelaniaHatesChristmas hashtag that had been set in motion after someone leaked a conversation she had with journalist Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. Of course, this all led to someone asking why Melania even bothered decorating for Christmas when she leaving and she had told Ms. Wolkoff her infamous “who gives a f*** about Christmas?” comment.

Indeed, the tapes leaked by Wolkoff show that Melania had said things such as “Where am I? I put – I’m working my a** off at Christmas stuff but you know, who gives a f**** about these Christmas decorations and Christmas stuff? Of course, I need to do it, right? Okay, and so I do it. And I say that I am trying to do Christmas planning for the Christmas. But they said, ‘Oh, what are you going to do about the separated children?’ My God, give me a d***n break. Why weren’t they saying anything when Obama had done that?” Of course, Wolkoff had an ulterior motive simply because she was releasing these tapes simply because she wanted to drum up publicity for her book, Melania and Me.

When she was confronted with the recordings, Melania simply dismissed them as “idle gossip.”

However, last Monday morning the attacks on Melania Trump continued, with CNN hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota leading the charge. “To anyone who criticizes our comments – You have to be into the Christmas spirit and Christmas decorations, if not, you’re the devil,” Berman stated. Oh brother, so she’s not allowed to have some private moments? But I digress.

“Absolutely, and who is leading the war on Christmas is that is the conservative battle cry?” Camerota replied. “Of course, absolutely. You’re leading the way on the War on Christmas, I don’t know.”

Even in the midst of the controversy, Melania was all smiles as she was the recipient of the typical Fraser fir Christmas tree which was presented on a wagon by two Clydesdale horses on the North Portico of the White House.

On the day before the Christmas tree was delivered, Melania posted Christmas photos from previous years and caption a tweet with the following words: “Since 1966, the arrival of this White House Christmas Tree has become an icon for a holiday tradition.”

Way to go, Melania!

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