Tucker Carlson Just Added Lindsey Graham to His Sh*t List and He Better Watch Out…

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Lindsey Graham is not someone that I have considered to be trustworthy.

Over the years, we have all witnessed his RINO ways and yet he still somehow ends up staying in office.

Now, I can say this since I live in South Carolina and I vote against him every single time that I can. I would much rather see Richard Cash who is currently a state senator of S.C. take his spot, but the people need to get sick and tired of this turncoat to do it.

Maybe that time is inching closer considering Graham’s comments concerning the January 6 protesters.

As reporter Julie Kelly told Tucker Carlson, Lindsey is following the left’s narrative by condemning the protesters without the presumption of innocence.


Lindsey is once again doing the lefts’ bidding. It’s the same thing he’s doing with Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, and not one of us even knows who it is, and he’s already rubber-stamped this person.

There were a lot of us who didn’t trust him back when he pretended to be “MAGA”, and now it is getting worse.

He’s on Tuckers sh*t list.


Tucker has Lindsey’s number.

He says Graham has thrown his voters under the bus and doesn’t care about anyone’s interest except for the media.

He’s right.

Watch the video:


You’re officially on MAGA’s enemy list Lindsey… and nothing you can say or do during your next “Hannity” appearance will save you.

Lindsey has shown his true colors, and we should treat him accordingly.

9 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Just Added Lindsey Graham to His Sh*t List and He Better Watch Out…

  1. Tucker – DO NOT LET UP. RINOs and Establishment Republicans MUST be exposed right up to the 2022 election. Unfortuantely, Sen. Graham was re-elected by NAIVE South Carolina voters in 2020. We will have to wait until 2026 to VOTE him out of office. But educating the public of who Graham really is must start now and continue right up until the election in 2026!

  2. “Linda” G has been on my s–t list for a very long time and I want to see him OUT – – permanently out. He’s been a rino for all the years I’ve watched him. I am a resident of SC and “refuse” to vote for him, or support him in any fashion. I would vote for Santa Claus before I ever gave “Linda” a vote. The rest of our slate is good, with the exception of Nancy Mace and she has got to go, too. She is an even bigger hypocrite than “Linda”. (if that’s even possible)

  3. That is what you get. When senators are elected and not appointed by the States. Thanks to the 17 Amendment to the Constitution during the time the progressives under Wilson were the head Marxists. How do I know this? I went to school before the teachers ruined my education.
    Repeal the 1/ Amendment and let the States get rid of DIRT Bags.

  4. I am hoping that a strong Republican will Primary Lindsey Graham in 2026, I am growing tired of having to vote for the lesser of two (2) evils, whilw watching him put the people of South Carolina beneath his personal desire to be relevent. He was against Trump until his buddy John McCain died. He then saw that he had an election coming up and switched horses to be a Trump cheerleader. Now he has over time to be “Lindsey” and won’t be accountable for 4 more years. Lindsey, your true colors have been exposed and your time in the spotlight is coming to a close

  5. I also live in the Palmetto State, and I would love to see Jim DeMint primary this POS when Graham is up for re-election.

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