This Is How An Attack From Russia Will Affect Every Single One Of You!

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There is a lot of uneasiness today as American citizens are not only grappling with the numerous issues we are dealing with in our nation but now there is a threat of war with Russia.

I remember when I was growing up, the threat of war with Russia, or as many of us knew it, the USSR was always looming. In most movies, the “bad guys” were the Russians and I can still vaguely remember hearing adults talk about their uneasiness with the country.

Then, it all changed. Well, at least it did in my younger mind, but the threat of war with Russia or any other powerful country in this world has never been wiped away.


Our nation is already in turmoil, and it seems like it is about to get much worse with the latest moves by the Biden administration.

Biden responded to Russia’s incursion into Eastern Ukraine that is happening right now by placing sanctions on the country that will undoubtedly affect gas prices in the US and costs on other items. Biden billed this as a necessary ‘sacrifice’ that Americans will have to make to stand up to Russia.

In turn, Russia issued a warning after the United States imposed sanctions, warning that there would be a ‘painful’ response. According to Latvian intelligence reports, Russia launched a nationwide cyberattack against Ukraine and has already staged hundreds of tanks and heavy artillery in Eastern Ukraine.

Now, the question that everyone is wondering is, what will the response be from Russia?

Does pushing Putin’s back against the wall help us?

What sort of retaliation can our nation expect?

It appears as though the US is preparing for the worse, as Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is warning of possible crippling cyberattacks on the United States of America by Russia. While Mayorkas is saying there are no specific threats, he is warning that we need to be prepared in the event of cyberattacks against our banks, communications, power plants, and water treatment facilities.


Daily Mail reports – The United States has a ‘responsibility to be prepared for potential cyberattacks, the Homeland Security Secretary said on Tuesday, as the world braces for the fallout from conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia, which in the past is believed to have launched attacks on U.S. pipelines, finance, and communications infrastructure, is known to be ever ready to seize the moment and strike.

Cybersecurity expert Ian Marlow said that U.S. banks, power plants, water treatment facilities, and communications could be targeted in retaliation for any U.S. response to action around Ukraine, as well as satellites used for GPS navigation, farming, automation, and oil exploration.

Watch our feckless US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who’s allowed an invasion of America on our southern border to continue throughout his term in office, explain the potential cyber threat against the US by Russia:

New York’s Democrat Governor tweeted about the possibility of cybersecurity risks and how New York will serve as the “nerve center for joint, state and federal security efforts:



As cybersecurity risks become heightened, New York needs the best possible protection. That’s why today we’re announcing the first-in-the-nation, statewide Joint Security Operations Center, serving as the nerve center for joint local, state & federal cyber efforts.


NBC News also warned of the urgent cyberattack threat Russia poses in America if tensions continue to escalate.


Asked where the Russians would want to strike, Marlow told Fox 5: ‘Our food supply, things that have to do with our power supply, utilities. Utilities have been brought down, and then you don’t have service.’


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  1. Thank you for your stupid Administration BIDEN!!! God help us and it will be by God’ Grace that we will make it through this administration!

  2. Those supposedly 81 million votes for Biden- hope your happy about this. Guess your plan was to have Putin push us into the dark ages if he attacks our infrastucture systems. I don’t think Biden made room for all 81 million of you in his bunker. You useful idiots will be fighting for survival like the rest of us. Don’t expect the environmental activists to save you either. They have no clue how to survive in a Darwinian might makes right society. Instead of Utopia you will have aided in unleashing hell on earth.

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