Flynn Says What We All Realized After Jan 6 That Q Is…..

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This may be a touchy subject, but I have always been wary of the Q movement.

It just seemed too good, too perfect and the way people would clamor for the latest drops of what Q would have to say was strange to me.


The drops were always cryptic and then what was strange about it too was that anyone could interpret it as they saw fit.

There were many people who speculated that these drops were in fact, the CIA, but no one seemed to want to hear that, especially on social media.

Then January 6 happened, and everything that Q had predicted didn’t come to pass.

Also, it appears that Q has gone dark after Trump left office, making the entire situation even weirder.

That is why when I came across this, I had to share and get your thoughts on it too.

Michael Flynn explains what most of us realized after the Biden regime was illegally installed… Q is a massive psych op carried out by the deep state (aka CIA) to keep many members of the population mollified.

Real Clear Politics reported:

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Let me know what you think below!


5 thoughts on “Flynn Says What We All Realized After Jan 6 That Q Is…..

  1. I am not saying there are not any good people, but I do find it all very suspicious. Why would they broadcast their plans openly? The CIA and the NSA could have shut this down if they wanted to. It is quite possible that it is/was a psyops to keep everyone compliant and “trust the plan”. Now, where are we with the “plan”? I only trust Jesus Christ and know He is the only one that can truly save our nation.

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