There’s Four Things Biden Could Do To Fix Everything If He Wanted….


Joe Biden is causing more problems in the world after botching yet another foreign policy issue.

Of course, Biden would screw this up which then turns everything into a three-ring circus as the White House team has to scurry to clean it all up.

A quick recap of the latest dumpster fire lit by ole’ sleepy Joe.

As y’all recall during Joe Biden’s disastrous press conference last week, he started a major foreign policy disaster when he basically told Russia they had the “okay” to invade Ukraine as long as it wasn’t “too much.”

What an idiot.

Seriously, I can’t facepalm hard enough with this one.

Oh, but it gets worse.

Shortly after this disaster, another debacle occurred when CNN reported that a call between Ukraine President Zelensky and Biden went terribly wrong.

According to the report, Biden kept insisting that Kyiv would be sacked at any moment, and Zelensky strongly disagreed and had to tell Biden to “calm down” several times.



However, here is where it gets really strange.

The report was immediately removed from the web as soon as people started sharing it.

Yeah, that is not suspicious at all, right?

The White House claimed it was entirely false, and eventually, Zelensky’s people said it was “false” as well.

Mmmhmmm, but the American people are not so sure.

They think the White House and Zelensky are covering for a befuddled Joe Biden.

It makes sense to me.

Why would they be actively hiding the call if there was nothing to hide?

Lou Dobbs agrees with all of us and has issued a list of demands that I am pretty sure we can all get behind.

They are incredibly simple too and it would take just a few moments to do.

Here’s what Lou is demanding: “President Biden: Release Jan. 6th videos. Release transcript of phone call with President Zelensky. Release transcript of call with Putin. Release transcripts of phone calls with President Xi. All of them. Now.”


As usually, Lou is hitting the nail on the proverbial head again.

Why are the January 6th videos being hidden from the American people?

They have told us that this was WORSE than 9/11. So, there are people jumping to their deaths on live television from a burning building?

What could be worse than that?

What carnage occurred that day that would even be on the same level of death destruction of 9/11?

Let the American people see what Nancy Pelosi is talking about to make our minds up and see if this was a so-called insurrection.

There is not one reason that the call between Biden and Zelensky should be hidden.

What was in it that would make CNN retract their story?

What about Biden’s call with Russia?

Why does it feel like Joe Biden is pushing so hard for “war”? Does that call with Putin shine a light on what Biden’s true motives are?

Finally, we want to see the transcripts of the calls between Joe Biden and President Xi of China.

The American people have a right to know if the man occupying the White House is indeed a puppet of the CCP.

If Joe Biden wanted to be “transparent” and earn the trust of the American people, he would meet every one of Lou Dobbs’ demands.

It’s very simple to do… but he won’t do any of it, and we all know exactly why:

  • January 6th was not a “deadly insurrection” and the police and feds were key players
  • Biden sounded like a dementia-riddled buffoon on the call
  • Biden has caved to Russia
  • Biden is a puppet of China

That’s what I believe is the truth, and I know a lot of Americans feel the same.

3 thoughts on “There’s Four Things Biden Could Do To Fix Everything If He Wanted….

  1. How long are we going to keep putting up with Biden and Kamala? These two are both so unqualified for the positions they hold and are destroying America day by day. Get them out of here NOW!!!!! And let us have a new special election to correct this terrible wrong that was done.

  2. The “deep state” is really in control of our government. That’s why “slow” Joe is president and “Kamel Hump” is VP. They’re easy to control. “We The People” need a free and fair election. 2022 and 2024 get out and vote. Get rid of the democrat commie and republican rinos. As was said in the 60’s “We won’t be fooled again.”

  3. I can’t imagine having a call with Biden. It would be awful and so that is why they are hiding it most likely. Can you imagine talking to someone who is not all there mentally on the phone no less? I surely can’t. Biden should be forced to take a mental test and then placed in care home.

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