HOW MANY MORE? Yet Another Vaccinated Soccer Player Has Died…

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Recently, in our world today it sort of feels like we are watching play out in real life the childhood story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Young healthy people who have received the jab are dropping dead or having heart attacks but no one seems to be able to make the connection.

This is also happening to athletes on the professional level too which is even more unnerving.

Over the last few months, we have been reporting the unprecedented number of vaccinated soccer players that are having heart attacks and some are even dying.


It’s a disturbing trend that many people are noticing, but very few mainstream media outlets are reporting on it, and none (that I’ve seen) are investigating the causes and why this is “suddenly” happening.

But it is happening, and it’s scary and sadly, I have yet another heart attack and death to report.

A British soccer player has died while playing in Dubai.

He was only 35-years-old.

Alfie Nunn reportedly died after suffering a heart attack while playing football in the United Arab Emirates yesterday afternoon.

The Sun reported that the Londoner, who played for a number of clubs in southeast London and Kent, including Fisher FC, Croydon FC, Canterbury City, and Beckenham Town, had moved to Dubai several years ago to work as an estate agent.

A colleague at his firm, Haus&Haus, told The Sun Online he had passed away while playing football on Thursday afternoon.

Tributes have poured in for the striker, who grew up in Rotherhithe, Southwark, southeast London.

n a statement, the club said: “We have been informed that former Fish midfielder Alfie Nunn, who featured regularly during the 2015/16 season, has passed away after suffering a heart attack while playing in Dubai.


“Our thoughts are with Alfie’s family and friends at this sad time.”

The statement went on: “Alfie… grew up close to our St Paul’s ground and played for Bermondsey and Rotherhithe primary schools district side before moving through youth football and appearing for Croydon in the Isthmian League.

Not once in the article, did the reporter mention how ODD it is for a 35-year-old healthy athlete to just drop dead of a heart attack… and I think we know why.

4 thoughts on “HOW MANY MORE? Yet Another Vaccinated Soccer Player Has Died…

  1. Just an example of hard to believe the science when you’re only getting the approved science that supports the agenda! I guess these deaths are just coincidences.

  2. I watched a lady with lots of degrees after her name! Older with white hair! She mantains that in the ingredients, that the BIG PHARMA refuses to tell is one she has found out is in them!!!!!!!! And it can lay dormant for many and others start right away! I have many she has stated! FIRST NO VAC S for kids! AND it acts on OUR muscles!!!!!! The HEART among others is a muscle! Get it? Will not tell the ingreds for years? My DR and many others NEED to KNOW! 1 size DOES NOT FIT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to know the ingred in order to threat their patients. Many meds CANNOT be given if they are on something that will NOT MIX with others! HEAR me joey? Many seniors are on different meds! I have had so many ill effects from the 2nd vacs!!! After a GREAT EKG, I have funny feelings, and in many places on my body!!!!!! Yeah pushing 85 BUT still have all my marbles!

  3. Have you seen the photos of the squiggly spike protein that’s in the vaccines? It looks like a jellyfish with long wiggling tentacles and is invading the muscles ( including the heart) of the vaccinated!!! It’s destroying immune systems!! 5 French physicists went public and believe that the spike protein( the spikes come from the spikes on the virus) is GIVING people the virus instead of triggering the immune system like real vaccines do. Why else are more and more of the vaccinated getting the virus as the number of vaccinated people increase? They are NOT getting it from the unvaccinated like the globalists would like you to believe. Allegedly, this spike protein is also speeding up other existing dose ASR’s, so if people die of cancer, diabetes or other existing diseases the true culprit behind the deaths can’t be blamed. It’s insideous!!! So many vaccinated people are dying of heart attacks too!! Run in the other direction if they try to vaccinate you!!! This sure looks like population control to me!!! Are the wealthy globalists like Gates behind this plan? Little man Fauci has become a multimillionaire from the release of the virus!!! Allegedly, He has invested in the patent for the virus , and those of Remdiscivir and the vaccines!!!!’ Supposedly there are methods to rid your body of the spike protein. I would check them out if I were you!!!

  4. C’mon man! You cannot expect Planned Parenthood to control overpopulation by it’s self,

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