Devil's Breath

Police Are SOUNDING ALARM Over Terrifying New Mind Control Drug That Criminals Could Try To Slip You

Unfortunately, there is a new date-rape drug that might be coming to your neck of the woods soon. Although it is still overseas, it might continue to grow in popularity, and so it’s only a matter of time before police in America start encountering it as well. The drug consists of a white powder that […]

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Swedish Man

70-Year-Old Swedish Mother Has Apparently Done THIS to Her Son For 28 YEARS

When you think of Sweden the first thing that comes to mind is usually that of a friendly and welcoming place. However, there is one particular 70-year-old mother who has possibly done a lot of damage to that stereotype, especially when you consider what she did to her son. After emergency crews rushed to the […]

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Former Ballet Dancer Claims She Killed Her Husband in Self-Defense, But Local Law Enforcement is Calling B.S.

On Wednesday, November 4, 2020, former ballet dancer Ashley Benefield was arrested for shooting and killed her husband. Manatee County (FL) deputies arrested her even though she reportedly ran to a neighbor’s house, reported the homicide, and claimed that it had been done in self-defense. However, investigators and other law enforcement professionals are now calling […]

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There Has FINALLY Been An Arrest Made in Regards to the Sucker Punch of Actor Rick Moranis

As you all know, about a month-and-a-half ago, the actor Rick Moranis of “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” fame was assaulted while he was going out on a stroll near New York City’s Central Park. Although it has taken a considerable amount of time, New York City police have finally announced that they have made […]

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INSANITY! That’s What Defense Attorneys Are Planning For Woman Who Hung Her Two Children

Berks County, Pennsylvania is a large county in the Keystone State that encompasses all of the city of Reading and part of the Combined Statistical Area of Philadelphia and Camden. It also is now home to an individual who is on trial for doing something terrible to her two children. Defense attorneys are going to […]

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