Devil's Breath Devil’s Breath

Police Are SOUNDING ALARM Over Terrifying New Mind Control Drug That Criminals Could Try To Slip You

Unfortunately, there is a new date-rape drug that might be coming to your neck of the woods soon. Although it is still overseas, it might continue to grow in popularity, and so it’s only a matter of time before police in America start encountering it as well. The drug consists of a white powder that originates from the deadly nightshade plant. Needless to say, this drug is very potent, with the ability to literally control someone’s mind and transform them into a mere shell of themselves. According to Tom Leonard of the Daily Mail, there are tales of this drug’s power that are “truly hideous. This drug can turn its victims into obedient slaves who will willingly give up their PIN numbers and even their house keys after they have this mysterious white powder blown into their faces. There are even reports of wealthy guests being robbed blind and young women being raped simply by being given a room key that was contaminated with the substance from someone they thought was a flirtatious admirer.

“This drug is called scopolamine, but it’s also referred to as Devil’s Breath, simply because of just how unholy it is,” Leonard wrote. “This odorless and tasteless compound will temporarily reduce its victim into a zombie-like trance and they won’t have any free-will and will be suggestible to almost everything anyone else would tell them.”

The victims of this new drug not only become totally helpless, but they also have no memory of the event. Additionally, victims that are subjected to this chemical can often have negative consequences for the rest of their lives. One high-profile victim of this was dance champion Adrian Murphy, and doctors now think that he will never recover from the incident.

Experts consider this chemical compound to be a psychoactive alkaloid. This stuff is often called the Zombie Drug, and many experts even claim that it has the power to kill up to ten to fifteen people with just one gram. Of course, if you combine the drug with alcohol, it will greatly increase the dangers.

Drug expert Matthew Johnson of the Johns Hopkins Medical School has become very familiar with this type of drugs, and he wants to caution everybody that the effects of this drug are in no way meant to be taken as “urban myths.” On the other hand, Devil’s Breath is often as deadly as though it came directly from Lucifer himself.

Indeed, Matthew Johnson even knows about this drug from experience. A friend of his consumed a beverage laced with this substance, and the strangers who gave him the drink were able to easily convince him to bring them back to his motel room. After that, these strangers took advantage of the situation and robbed him blind. Johnson’s friend did not resist.

Tom Leonard added that “In Bogota, Colombia, there is a report that at least one-fifth of all of the emergency room visits is allegedly due to scopolamine poisoning. Two young women stole about $40,000 cash and good during a crime spree that was partially enabled by the fact that they had a ready supply of Devil’s Breath and they were slipping it in the drinks of single men in Bogota bars and nightclubs.”

Interestingly enough, the Pentagon is well aware of Devil’s Breath, and they want to weaponize the drug. Apparently, they have been looking for a way to create a weapon from LSD for many years. Enter Devil’s Breath, and the reason why the Pentagon is so interested in this new narcotic. They realize that they could use this to “make someone into a living zombie.” Professor Anthony Glees realizes that a lot of people might think that this is nothing more than fantasy, but he would caution against being skeptical.

“This is absolutely not something out of science fiction,” he said. “They exist.”

Glees has long been looked upon as a distinguished security expert, and he added the following: “The military use of these substances is something that many at the Pentagon has understood for a long time. Fortunately for all of us, I don’t think any country in the world has ever used scopolamine as a weapon.”

In the months and years that follow, we all would do well to share this story with our family and friends so they are aware of this terrifying new mind-control and date-rape drug.

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