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Seattle Families are OUTRAGED After a MOB Busts Down Their Door, Demanding THIS

There is no question that Seattle has had its share of problems in the last couple of years. The population of Seattle, especially families, are becoming gravely concerned at how much unrest they are encountering in their city. Indeed, things in the Emerald City are becoming so disconcerting that many families are not just concerned, but outraged as well.

Part of the reason why would have to be because there are now “mobs” in Seattle that refer to themselves as “sovereign citizens” and they have actually been storming the nice homes of these citizens and demanding that they forfeit their mansion or nicer homes!

Indeed, the police have had their hands full responding to calls from these families, especially in regard to a group called the Moorish Sovereign Citizens, which is a violent fringe extremist group. One of the nasty hallmarks of this group would have to be that they don’t recognize the U.S. government, nor do they follow any of its laws, hence the reason they call themselves “Sovereign.” This is one of the main reasons why Snohomish County detectives are overwhelmed. These extremist groups are knocking on doors and trying to force people to hand over their mansions, and people in Seattle are really starting to feel unsafe.

The individuals that are in this extremist group keep on targeting residents in the Woodway and Edmonds neighborhoods by knocking on the doors and telling the homeowners that since they don’t believe in the United States government, they are going to kick them out and take their mansion by force. Some of these extremists are also claiming that they are entitled to the home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“They basically come to these houses and claim that they are from this particular group, and then they tell the legal homeowner that they are there to repossess the home and these homeowners must now vacate the premises,” Edmonds Police Sergeant Josh McClure said.
To their credit, the residents did resist these extremists, and they called the police. After the arrival of the cops, these extremist squatters were warned that they could be charged with trespassing under United States law if they try to come back and force the issue.

“This group falsely believes that they own all of the lands from Argentina to Alaska and literally everything in between,” McClure said. “Unfortunately, Edmonds falls in the middle of these lands.”

Of course, the plot thickens even further when you realize that this group will also try to bring some official-looking documents with them in a faulty attempt to “prove” to the homeowners that they, in fact, are the true owners of the land and not the homeowner. Initially, the squatters were not charged with anything. However, the police have warned them that if they try these stunts again, they will be arrested and charged with trespassing.

Of course, these so-called “sovereign citizens” have been targeting homes that were recently on the market or currently on the market. They do this in the hopes that they can catch a homeowner off-guard and then maybe they could slip into the home without someone noticing.
If this was the first time that these “sovereign citizens” had pulled a stunt like this, it would be bad enough. However, back in 2018, cops in Georgia arrested 33-year-old Joel Fedd after he was caught squatting in a half-million-dollar home that some other family had just purchased. Fedd called himself an “indigenous Moor” and that he owned the property and not the family that recently purchased it.

One of the main theories behind those who claim that they are sovereign Moorish citizens is the story that the Moors discovered the Americas long before Christopher Columbus discovered it. Thus, they think that the laws behind Christopher Columber didn’t apply to them.

On the other hand, when this story was originally reported on the Daily Mail, thousands of readers commented on these radical left-wing individuals and their desire to squat in expensive homes.

“Come to my house and tell me that you want the house because you are a ‘sovereign citizen’ or some other malarkey,” one person commented. “I worked very hard to buy my owh house, so come knock on my door and tell me to get off of my property and we’ll see how that plays out. I’m sure many of my fellow Americans will feel the same way that I do, and we will say, “GET OFF MY PROPERTY.”

What do you think about these crazy mobs in Seattle? We would love to hear your comments!

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