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Boy Tries To Get His Fifteen Minutes of TikTok Fame By DOING THIS To His Girlfriend

A young man might be receiving a “Dear John” letter here pretty soon simply because of the terrible thing that he did to his girlfriend all in the name of trying to become famous. Simply put, the man was willing to sacrifice his girlfriend just because he was seeking some TikTok notoriety, but it ended up backfiring on him. Instead of becoming the next famous TikTok personality, he is becoming infamous, and for good reason.

The best way to sum it up is that John Schoepf exploited one of the biggest fears of his girlfriend while they were on vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Even in the middle of this awful global pandemic, he has earned the ire of social media users around the world, both in the United States and in China, TikTok’s country of origin. What did John do that was so terrible?

Well, simply put, he filmed his girlfriend while she was being pushed into a tank with a shark in it! Luckily for her, she was almost immediately pulled out before she got hurt, but then he had the gall to play the “Jaws” theme song in the background.

Of course, while this little stunt by this man (read: boy) has kind of made me lose my faith in humanity, the way that most of the users of social media reacted to Schoepf’s stupid theatrics does kind of restore my faith in humanity. Needless to say, many people didn’t like how this girl was treated.

Schoepf first uploaded this terrible video on September 27, 2020, and it was in an effort to get millions of people laugh at how scared his girlfriend was at being pushed into the shark tank. He was making fun of the fact that the “love of his life”, Taylor, is scared to death of these sharks. Of course, even though Schoepf knew that his girlfriend wasn’t going to like the stunt, for whatever reason he was very surprised when he learned that his TikTok followers didn’t care for it either.

The video starts when a friend of the couple points out the presence of a shark to Taylor. She was simply looking at it, and that is when this person who refers to himself as her “beloved boyfriend” pushes her toward the shark. Needless to say, she let out an involuntary shriek. Fortunately, she was pulled back from the shark before it could do any real damage to her. For his boorish part, Schoepf burst out laughing at his girlfriend’s reaction, and then he played the theme music from the movie Jaws.

However, most TikTok users didn’t think that this video was funny in the least. Rather, they thought that what Schoepf did was evil and “cruel”, to say the least.

“That isn’t funny it’s only humiliating,” one user commented. “It’s so embarrassing to her that she is crying in front of a large crowd of people and being recorded to boot. This is not funny. It’s cruel.”

“If you decide to mess with people and play on their fears it’s very cruel,” another TikTok user said.

“This is simply behavior that is extremely abusive,” a third individual commented.

Of course, just like any other abuser, Mr. Schoepf was intent on doing some damage control. He told the audience that Taylor was never in any real danger. Schoepf simply didn’t think that her life was at risk.

“Yes, I know that everybody hates me, but…there were all kinds of other people in the water petting that shark,” he said. “Yes, everyone hates me, but not Taylor. She doesn’t hate me that much.”

“We are very happy,” Taylor added. Hopefully she’s not carrying on like a bobblehead doll, but I digress.

Still, most of the TikTok users weren’t buying it, and they were urging her to dump Mr. Schoepf and find someone else. They thought she could do a lot better than someone embarrassing her in a video just to get online likes.

“He is being emotionally abusive, and you shouldn’t have to be dealing with it,” one person said to Taylor.

“You should be in a relationship with someone who is going to PROTECT you from your fears and not THROW you in front of them,” one person added.

“Break up with him,” suggested another person.

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