Patriot Lou Dobbs Just Told Them “Get Ready To Pay”…

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Lou Dobbs is taking some big swings right now and he is absolutely correct for taking them.

Dobbs is just one of those people that does not take too kindly to half-truths being paraded around as truth at all. Dobbs has always been like this too even when he was on the #1 rated Fox Business show.

However, the Fox News network is a bunch of pansies as they cut Lou in an effort to protect the lie that Joe Biden LEGALLY won over Trump.

It is still rather baffling that anyone can believe that Joe Biden, the man that stares at a wall of children’s clothing on his day off, mutters about “pooping his pants”, and calls reporters “stupid son of a b&tch” on camera won 81 million votes.

Anyway, Lou was one of the few who was on TV talking about what was going on right after the sham election and giving the millions of concerned and outraged Fox viewers some semblance of stability at a time when everything was turned upside down.

Of course, Fox couldn’t have that so they removed Lou from the airwaves… But here’s where it gets tricky…

They technically didn’t “fire him.”

He actually remains under contract with Fox, even after he left, although it was known he would not appear on the network again.

So, yesterday when a Mediaite reporter did a hit piece on Lou and called him a “conspiracy theorist” for not believing the most discombobulated, cluster-bleep election, with a tsunami of mail-in ballots, wasn’t the FAIREST in all the land.

Here’s what the liberal reporter wrote:

Please check your sources & facts. Even @latimes got it right when they wrote ‘Dobbs remains under contract at Fox, but in all likelihood will not appear on the company’s networks again.’ Please make the correction. Would hate to see anyone at Mediaite be ‘fired’! Best, Lou.






As of now, the Mediaite piece is still up, and they have made no corrections and the tweet remains up as well.


I have a feeling Lou will keep a very close eye on this tweet and that story – as well he should.

Will that Mediaite reporter loses his job for being a conspiracy theorist about Lou’s Fox departure?

Who knows… To be continued.

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