Liberals Have Finally Gotten To Dan Crenshaw…

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Dan Crenshaw did not have a great week, and that does not bode well for him considering the midterm elections are right around the corner.

Crenshaw attended a meeting with Tea Party patriots in his district and it went sideways pretty quickly.

Sideways is putting it mildly when in fact, it was a complete disaster.


It all started when a 10-year-old girl asked Crenshaw about a quote he was attributed to saying.

Watch it here:

Yes, those are boos you are hearing and it just gets worse from there.

It is pretty safe to say that a candidate is in hot water with supporters when the internet is flooded with memes mocking them.

This is exactly what Trump supporters did when they heard this sound bite from the meeting.





If you thought that was bad enough for Crenshaw it just continues to go downhill from there.

A constituent asked Dan what he’s done to help the J6 political prisoners, and his response was: I’ve done nothing because there’s nothing I can do.


That’s NOT what Dan’s voters or any conservative voters want to hear.

It appears to many people in his district and Trump supporters that Dan Crenshaw is just another establishment GOP RINO, and that is the last thing this country needs.


5 thoughts on “Liberals Have Finally Gotten To Dan Crenshaw…

  1. Liberals Have Finally Gotten To Dan Crenshaw…

    Question: How do ‘liberals’ get to a RINO liberal?

  2. There is an excellent candidate running against Crenshaw in the primary, Ellis Jamison. He is running because he is fed up with the lies from Crenshaw.

  3. So…all of you who question what can Crenshaw do about those jailed in DC regarding the faux riot? What can be done when judges have toured the facility where they are held, other congress reps have implored that the jailing is without presedent to no avail, Biden and Pelosi have weaponized the FBI for their own gestapo, the lies regarding the ‘riot’ that wasn’t only had one person with a weapon, a black cop who shot a white female veteran in the back of the head who was unarmed, and now that capital policeman is a hero? He is a murderer. Pelosi refused Trumps request to bring in the national guard the day before…Name one person you can trust in government? Bill Barr? Lied to the president about sending agents to investigate election fraud? Can you trust BLM who just bought a 32 million dollar mansion in Canada whose leaders are expressed communists and shakedown artists? Look around people, the real question is what Crenshaw should have replied was this..’what I said needed is to have the great real patriots start a campaign of truth as to what is the real truth behind this sham crap we see out of D.C. and that we as elected representatives will take it from there, even though the odds are against us because of the current political landscape , but I assure you, I /we will never rest until we get to the bottom of this charade.”

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