Democrats Flood America’s Streets With Violent Criminals Ahead of Planned False Flag Event


We all know that George Soros is funding District Attorney (DA) political campaigns across the country, making a mockery of local election integrity while installing radical left-wing Marxists into positions of power. These DAs now routinely release violent criminals back onto the streets while refusing to prosecute left-wing murderers, rapists, arsonists, and other violent criminals. While conservatives are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, Marxists are handed “get out of jail free” cards.

As AllNewsPipeline’s Susan Duclos writes, “Soros District Attorneys Handling Whole Cities Over To Criminals And This Is Their Plan For The Rest Of America.”

But why? What’s the motivation behind the release of criminals onto the streets?

The answer, of course, is that Soros and radical Leftists need to invoke mass chaos across America in 2022.

“Background” chaos vs. chaos on demand

Here’s an astonishing but true headline from CWBC Chicago: Man carjacked woman while on electronic monitoring for two armed robberies and a felony gun case, prosecutors say.

What this headline reveals is how criminals who have been arrested and charged with a first crime are released and allowed to commit additional crimes, even while wearing ankle monitors.

Here’s another headline that reveals a similar phenomenon with illegal aliens who are arrested and then released onto the streets (instead of being deported):

Illegal Alien Charged With Murder Was Out On Bond For Stabbing.

Democrats, you see, actually want more violence on the streets. It’s all part of their chaos plan.

In Illinois, members of the state legislature are now being carjacked, seemingly oblivious to the fact that their own twisted policies are putting criminals right back on the streets under the label of “criminal justice reform.”

All the examples mentioned above are “background chaos.” They raise the overall daily level of crime and chaos, creating anxiety among the population by making sure no one feels safe. This alone is part of a psychological manipulation being played on the people by Soros and the Democrats. But it’s not the final play.

As AllNewsPipeline reports:

George Soros, the man behind the ‘Color Revolutions’ across the globe, causing unrest and civil war between state factions for the sole purpose of changing those countries into the progressive hellholes, has spent decades and sunk billions of dollars into doing the same thing here in America. If you have a city where criminal activity runs rampant, and District Attorneys and prosecutors either turn a blind eye, or simply release liberal violent activists, you will find Soros’ money if you follow the trail.

Chaos on demand is the other part of this. What most people don’t know is that felons are often released onto the streets under an agreement that they will participate as actors in carrying out whatever the corrupt Democrats want them to do. For example, a lot of the ballot smuggling operations that took place in the 2020 election theft were carried out by criminals who were granted freedom in exchange for their participation.

Democrats like to use felons for their dirty jobs because felons can be threatened with being returned to prison if they speak out or refuse to cooperate. “Leniency” is entirely dependent on their cooperation with various Democrat schemes, which include child trafficking, drug smuggling, weapons running, cash payoff deliveries and ballot smuggling operations.

The coming mass false flag event that uses Democrat-controlled felons as crisis actors

There is a near 100% chance of a large-scale false flag event being unleashed on America before the 2022 mid-term elections. This is necessary for the democrats so that they can:

  1. Disrupt or delay the mid-term elections.
  2. Escape blame for Biden’s disastrous economic policies.
  3. Cover up vaccine deaths.
  4. Achieve their desired financial reset and destroy the dollar.
  5. Engineer a new way to blame conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters for everything that has gone wrong.

To carry out this large false flag event, Democrats will summon the criminal felons they run, dress them up as Trump supporters, load them onto transport buses and carry out some sort of attack that produces a large number of fatalities. This could involve them attacking a hospital, a Big Pharma company building or even staging an attack on the US Capitol Building in D.C.

CNN’s cameras will be ready to roll, of course, as the entire thing will be coordinated and well planned. To play well for the oblivious, vaccinated, medicated masses, CNN and the Democrats will need to make sure there’s plenty of blood and gore to shock the viewers, so you can expect a large casualty event to be pulled off by crisis actors dressed in MAGA gear (or posing as anti-vaxxers, etc.).

This event will be used by the Marxist Democrats in the same way they currently use the J6 narrative: To pummel their political opponents, carry out politically-motivated arrests while torturing political prisoners in filthy jails.

The reverse “Color Revolution” operation to watch out for

It’s even possible they could use these felons in a kind of reverse Color Revolution operation. Given the extreme unpopularity of faker-in-chief Joe Biden, combined with rising inflation and nationwide anger from lockdowns and vaccine mandates, globalists could stage something that looks like a conservative overthrow of the Biden regime by literally using half a million recruited and paid off felons and illegals who are ordered to march on Washington, dressed like patriots.

The corporate media might even be ordered to go along with it and express outrage that conservatives were taking over America. They could be “allowed” to succeed in their mission, forcing Biden to resign and ushering in a military dictatorship under martial law. This would turn over America to the “woke” Pentagon and cancel the mid-term elections while making some conservatives think they’re “winning.” In fact, they would be losing their constitutional republic and watching the entire system get turned into a military dictatorship.

Technically, even a so-called “return of Trump” could be nothing more than a slide into military dictatorship. Given Trump’s recent advocacy of the clot shots, Trump’s own integrity is being called into question by a growing number of analysts. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, notably, used military troops to distribute and administer vaccines, proving that Trump endorses the use of the US military to carry out mass genocide while enriching Big Pharma. (I don’t buy all the excuses of why Trump is pushing vaccines. He knows exactly what he’s doing…)

Understand this: Globalists like Soros are masters of social manipulation. They are highly capable of corralling large numbers of people into taking actions against their own self interest, all while Soros earns billions on the ensuing financial chaos and currency collapse. (The George Soros profit model is to bet against a nation’s currency, then plunge that nation into chaos, causing a currency collapse.)

This is why you are seeing so many criminals being released onto the streets, and this is why the Democrats are running such an aggressive J6 propaganda narrative — because they are setting the tone for the much larger false flag event yet to be unleashed.

Find more details and analysis on all this in today’s Situation Update podcast:

8 thoughts on “Democrats Flood America’s Streets With Violent Criminals Ahead of Planned False Flag Event

  1. Hmmmm… They would not have done any pre-planned False Flag event last year on January 6th, now would they?


  2. This gives concealed carriers a lot of targets to practice on before they go after the elite who are ruining the World.

  3. I have no doubt that this is exactly their plan, a follow-up to the Jan. 6 false flag operation that they are using to smear and imprison patriots!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HOW is it possible in America for a known ABUSER of Freedom and Liberty to have the ability to perform the DASTARDLY DEEDS so effectively and NEVER be confronted by our elected elites who should have the ability to DENY, PERSUADE or simply END his involvement in ANY of our elections, our government and our lives ! WHERE have ” We The People ” gone wrong ?
    Could it be that this clown is on the PAYROLL of the DEEP STATE and is merely doing a service that is most beneficial to the wishes of the one world government boom-doggle !

  5. Stay cool. Work for the cause. Vote. President Trump will give us the means to wipe them out.

  6. I’ve said that they are pushing the whole government and the people to the breaking point. Open borders , criminals running free, mandates, fear of everything, Antifa, BLM, high gas prices, mass spending, more welfare programs, everything to bring about one main thing… mass chaos, or a civil war! Once that happens it will be martial law . Shut down the country in the guise of national safety and BOOM…your freedoms are gone and 1984 is here to stay. Now that can also be done by the fake attack but that would have to be tens of thousands of people and a huge attack. I think mine is more correct because the people will go along with stopping the mass chaos because it won’t be safe to go out to do anything. Half the country has been dumbed down, and even some conservatives will be BSed into going along. Red state, blue state it won’t matter for they will send masses of slime into red states to max out the states police. We need to stock up on everything. Prepare!

  7. Are the intelligence groups using them to set up conservatives? Examples Whitmer kidnapping, Jan 6. They would make great informants and do as their handler’s demand.

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