Brett Favre supported Donald Trump Brett Favre supported Donald Trump

ALL HEADS TURNED When Brett Favre Announced Who He Was Voting For

Despite what all of the left-wing propaganda might be telling you right now, there were many decent, god-fearing and hard-working Americans who supported Donald Trump. This actually includes several celebrities as well, and so this is probably part of the reason why some individuals are having a hard time believing that President Trump got beat by Joe Biden of all people. One of these individuals would be former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

Indeed, the former Packers quarterback actually announced the Friday before election day that he decided to stick with the president: “My Vote (sic) is going to be for what makes this country great, freedom and speech and religion, the Second Amendment, and looking after the hard-working, tax paying citizens, the police and the military. In this election we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. When it comes to me and my principles, my vote is for @RealDonaldTrump.”

Of course, one would have hoped that Favre’s endorsement would have made some sort of a difference considering that he played most of his career with the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. Of course, that was before the Dominion voting software got in the way, but I digress…

Interestingly enough, Brett Favre wasn’t the only celebrity that voted for Donald Trump. One of the top golfers of all time would have to be Jack Nicklaus, and he too voted for President Trump. He actually President Trump in a statement the Wednesday before the election took place:

“Through the years, it has been a tremendous blessing to me that I’ve been able to get to know several U.S. Presidents on both sides of the aisle. They all were good people and they all believed in the American Dream,” Nicklaus said. “I have also had the privilege over the last 3 1/2 years to get to know the current President a lot more as his term continued. Even though I’ve been very disappointed at his treatment throughout his term, I have seen a lot of resolve and determination to do the right thing for this country. I have seen him deliver on his promises, and I’ve seen him work for the average person. I also believe he is the most diverse president I’ve ever seen, simply because I’ve seen him try to help people from every walk of life – equally, and regardless of skin color.”

“At the end of the day, I’m just a guy from Ohio from a Midwestern family,” Nicklaus continued. “Both of my grandfathers worked on the railroad. They gave their son, who was my father, the opportunity to pursue an education and to chase my version of the American Dream. They also taught me some strong family values and it caused me to work hard to pursue my own dreams – my version of that American dream. That being said, I also believe that Donald Trump’s policies are going to bring another American Dream to many families across the nation who are still working to achieve theirs.”

“No,” Nicklaus said, “you may not care for some of the things that our President tweets or says – and believe you me, I’ve told him! – but this isn’t a personality contest; instead, this is about patriotism, policies, and the people that we should help with those policies. Trump has a love for America and its citizens, and he works tirelessly to help them. It comes through loud and clear, and I really don’t care how he has went about saying it.”

Another person who joined him was Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden. “We have to get out, vote for Trump, and support him in any way that we can. The reason is because supporting him is the only chance we have to leave the next generation with the same heritage, beliefs, and opportunities that Ann and I have had and everyone else in this country has had. We’ve got Bowdens everywhere, and we number about 45 in total, and if one of them is not voting for Trump they know better than to tell me. Please, we need to Keep America Great and vote for him again.”

Donald Trump even had support from rapper Lil Wayne, so its difficult to determine just why he lost. Was it fraud? Was it because he comes across as having an abrasive personality? Was it the fact that FROM DAY ONE the media simply crucified him and gave the liberals who were JUST AS GUILTY a free pass? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for certain: even if Biden is actually certified as the president, we would never do well to count Trump out. He might just end up pulling a Grover Cleveland! Time will tell.


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