YouTube Just Sickeningly Suspended True Patriot Dan Bongino!

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America was founded on the belief in freedom and it must be protected at all costs. However, over the years, thanks to the liberal agenda and the dumbing down of our society, many have been taught that freedom is selfish and wrong.

The government has now become the “parent” of us all and deems what we need to know and when. Then to make matters even more toxic, that so-called “protection” from the big government has leaked into every other facet of our lives. Social media giants now are suppressing free speech at the behest of the government to protect us all from “misinformation”.



As many of us have asked in the past, who decides what is misinformation, and why do we need to be protected from it?

Are we not capable of researching and discovering the truth for ourselves?

Of course, we are, but the government doesn’t want that to happen so they stretch out their overreaching hand and suppress any free thought.

That has been seen over and over again on social media platforms as contributors are banned from sharing their conservative thoughts. However, it has only become worse since COVID has reached our country.

No one is allowed to question the narrative of COVID at all.

Anyone who says that masks are futile or that this entire pandemic is a farce is banned faster than they can say Dr. Fauci is a fraud.

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino’s YouTube channel was suspended Friday for breaking the platform’s COVID-19 disinformation policy, and it will be demonetized for at least 30 days as a result of the move.

Here is more from Wayne Dupree:

In a video, Bongino claimed that masks are “useless” in terms of preventing the spread of the illness. This has resulted in a week-long posting restriction.


While YouTube’s COVID-19 policy notably outlaws any material that questions the usefulness of face masks, which the great majority of the scientific community believes lessens the likelihood of contracting an illness, Bongino has also had on experts to back his opinion which should be allowed to stand.

A one-week ban from posting followed Bongino’s first “strike” under the rules, which resulted in a one-week suspension from posting.

If the Bongino account breaches the rules a second time during a 90-day period, the account will be suspended for two weeks. Any more violations within the same period would result in the channel being permanently closed.

Bongino’s channel was also deleted from YouTube’s Partner Program, which enables users to sell their material via advertising, on Friday after it was found to have “repeatedly violated” criteria against disruptive and hazardous behavior. It was not disclosed what statement was made by the employee that resulted in his or her withdrawal from the program.

This is obviously complete overreach by any company and it is getting old.

I am 100% for companies to run the business they want, but the rules are vastly different for conservatives and liberals.

These companies cannot continue to act as a publisher but claim that they aren’t. They need to choose which lane they are in and stick to it cause this crap is getting old.

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10 thoughts on “YouTube Just Sickeningly Suspended True Patriot Dan Bongino!

  1. U-TUBE is as stupid as their name sounds, Keey on broadcasting DAN PLEASE. LOve your broadcasts.

  2. You Tube, FaceBook, Instagram, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and many other ‘primary & monopolistic’ platforms that have garnered more than 50% of any type of public communications criteria – are and should be held to all publisher, producer, editorial, and broadcast rules and regulations by their own policy of editing, deleting, and controlling CONTENT upon their private platform channels and use of WWW or any other internet connected applications, sites, platforms, or data & communications means. Even the entirely artificial “for entertainment use only” Twit environment of jokes, satire, and outrageous claims passed along as if considered anything close to an official form of correspondence. Particularly Twitter; the most fake of all platforms, and YouTube, the most prolific, have already self declared the platforms as publishers, editors, broadcasters, and a few other regulated entities the moment their policy of falsely claiming content within an account or created, forwarded, or commented on was a violation of their self described term & conditions; but the content did not violate any protected class defined within anti-discrimination legislation of the respective Country & State in which the account, account registrant, or ISP portal resides. At that point the platform self declared relinquishing the specific protections from regulated types of communications providers and S-230 guidelines. Of particularly agregious violations is any and all political or governmental censorship, blocking, deplatforming, or falsification of any users content. Such actions violate SEC, Federal and State elections and campaign regulations; along with being non-compliant with anti-discrimination and materially biased operation of public communications or entertainment venues, platforms, content, and broadcasting.

  3. Bongino is one of UTUBE’s biggest posters and he has dared them to ban him because he will move all his videos to Rumble. So he can hurt them more than they can hurt him.


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