What Ted Cruz Just Did To Democrats Will Shut Them Up For Good….

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Joe Biden and his cronies are not having a good week at all, and that is fine with me.

Biden’s attempt to kill the filibuster was essentially nuked when Sinema and Manchin both vowed not to support it.

Yikes, that had to hurt.

That was the final nail in the coffin for Biden’s radical “voting rights” bill to make it into law.

Now, it is burnt to smithereens.

Biden was looking to federalize elections. That way the left can keep on cough, cough “winning” cough, cough with their ballot harvesting scam that worked so well for them in 2020.

And as you can imagine, the radicals were out full-force, pushing to end the filibuster, so Joe could then scrounge up the votes to pass his communist election bill.






Red State reported that literally hours after the Democrats embarked on a major offensive to abolish the filibuster as a tool of racists everywhere, they then…used the filibuster. They didn’t just block any bill either. They did Russia’s Vladimir Putin a solid by blocking Ted Cruz’s bill to sanction the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

You couldn’t have scripted this any better, and I’m pretty sure Ted Cruz knew exactly what he was doing here. He timed things perfectly to once again show what rabid hypocrites the Democrats are.

That the bill was stopped also represented a massive win for the Russians was just the cherry-on-top. The White House actually spent the last week lobbying for Putin in this case.

But remember, it’s Republicans who are soft on Russia. Meanwhile, Biden and his party continue to bend the knee, going so far as to green-light Germany making itself energy dependent on the very country that NATO exists to protect it from.

Truly, yesterday was a banner day in exposing the Democrats for exactly what they are on essentially all major fronts. Throw in the prior day’s inflation report, and this has easily been the worst week of Biden’s presidency, and that’s saying something considering what happened in Afghanistan.

Perfect timing, perfect message, perfect slam-dunk against the communists.

Well done, Mr. Cruz.

7 thoughts on “What Ted Cruz Just Did To Democrats Will Shut Them Up For Good….

  1. Yes, a bad week but the worst week of Biden’s presidency was the first week as he never should have been in the White House to start with but with Dems cheating here he is and has been destroying America day by day . How can we expect a dementia ridden man/woman to run our country? It is impossible for anything good to come from this.
    Some kind of drastic response needs to be taken to get Biden/Kamala out of our White House. They did not win an election-PERIOD!
    Can you just imagine how much better things would be right now if Trump were in the White House instead of dementia Jo0e and cackling Kamala. I surely can and it is so sad we have to suffer with these two idiots in charge

  2. All of them have Violated their Oath of Office. They are tearing our Precious Constitution apart and treating the American People like slaves to them. They are Robbing the American People with taxes and lawlessness. Destroying our Beautiful
    Cities and towns . Killing and Threatening People to do what they want them to do.
    They are truly Demestic Terrorist against the American People. They are keeping our foods, medicines and other essential goods from us and terrorizing the American People. They are killing our own Soldiers! They should all be Charged with Treason!

  3. All of them have Violated their Oath of Office! They are destroying Our Precious Constitution. They are robbing the Americans of their hard earned money while treating Americans like Slaves to them .
    Destroying our Beautiful cities and towns with Violence . Killing our
    Soldiers, keeping our food, medicines and other essential goods from us. They have all turned into Communist and Domestic Terrorist. They threaten and kill People to do what they say. They should all be Charged With TREASON!

  4. Our Nation can blame the Supreme Court, especially the “Three Muskateers” with handsome Lifetime Retirements appointed by
    President Trump. All but two of which refused
    To hear the cases charging election FRAUD filed
    By President Trump thereby violating their Osths of Office and Deceiving the citizenry of our entire country. Never in a 75 year lifetime has there EVER been a more Critical nor Important case
    To be presented for consideration, with refusal
    By the majority refusing to hear, allow defense, and rule on the fraudulent and illegal procedures implemented, thereby handing the Nations future to an incompetent idiotic consumed by ego and dementia followed by an egotistical incompetent idiot neither if which could successfully launch a paper airplane. The Democratic Party in 2020 had No Platform, No Candidate. And NO CHANCE of legitimately winning election of the Presidency.

  5. That voting “rights” bill or however it was misnamed was pretty scary and it would have ended voting as we know it. First of all the Photo ID to vote is required by every country in Europe except one. To claim that it suppressed voting is a big Democrat Party lie. What it does stop is illegal voting and cheating. Need I say more? Now the deal on providing water to the people in line to vote does not hold water either. Everybody you see now carries a water bottle with them wherever they go and people usually vote with a friend or relative. People will normally hold your place in line for you if you need a drink or if you have the urge to go potty. I have not seen any evidence of any person dying in line from dehydration. The biggie is the mail in ballots which allows a person to cast as many ballots as they want. Biden’s “win” is evidence of that. They used that to “cast” over 130,000 ballots in each of the 7 fraud infested counting centers but they did it hours after all voting had ended which means they are all illegal. That is the only way they could overcome President Trump’s massive lead.

  6. I have always been asked to show my ID when I went to vote in person so I don’t understand where this voter ID problem is coming from and I live in Lodi CA. I now vote by mail and not really too keen on it but age and health make it easier.

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