WOW! An MSNBC Guest Went Off Script And They Are Scrambling…

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It appears that the Democrats are now working overtime to destroy the midterm elections.

They have to create fear and panic among their base since they know that is the only way they can have a turnout.

If the Democrats actually concentrated on a platform of what they will do to make things better in America, they lose.

That is why they are so overly focused on the Russia story and also why they want to federalize elections.

This was made abundantly clear last week on Friday’s episode of The Dean Obeidallah Show.

The host spoke with Malcolm Nance, a national security expert for MSNBC about the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Nance stated that Republicans are more than eager to assist Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to see the United States “topple”.

I the Republicans win in November, “There will never be another free or fair election in the United States,” Nance said to host Dean Obeidallah.

Check it out here:



Dean asked Malcolm: “Is it right to say that they’re [Russia] putting in place the infrastructure to retain a military presence there [on the Ukrainian border] and to be able to provide it with enough supplies to conduct more than just play war games?”


Malcolm responded: “Having seen many of what we refer to as “unambiguous intelligence signs,” I am a firm believer in their effectiveness. The majority of the time, you see massive threats that have no real legs to stand on. A good example is, as well as a historic model. Iraq threatens Kuwait and moves 125,000 troops to the border, but you know that at the time they did so, they had a logistical tail, lacked a command and control system, lacked ammunition, and so on.” “Millions of metric tons of ammo began to pour out from every weapon depot in the area, and logistics began delivering food and drink to the troops on the ground. The commanders began to emerge in their combat commands on the field when we suddenly realized the game had begun to play. That was unequivocal, and we were aware that an invasion was on its way, and that it would not be stopped,” Nance added.

Nance continued trying to raise the false flag that “It’s the same situation here. There is a possibility that Putin initiated this as a test to see if Joe Biden would back down nearly soon. You must also consider the fact that Putin is well aware of the chance to provide the Republicans with weaponry in order to depose the American administration in November this year. If the Republicans win the election in November, and I don’t say that lightly, it will be the end of the world. The American experiment has come to an end.”

“It is the foundation of tyranny, and they will follow through on their promise to choose Trump as Speaker of the House and use it as a springboard to appoint him President of the United States. The United States will never again have a free and fair election, and this will be the end of it. In provoking Biden into this situation, Putin hopes to compel Republicans like Tucker Carlson–and the rest of the world–to work as Putin’s propagandists in return for their support. Putin is smart enough to see that,” Nance concluded.


Republicans have been pushing this story for at least a year and a half, proving that Democrats are never innovative. Whether or not that is accurate, Americans are not used to this kind of discourse, and many will abandon politics if they believe there is no way to resolve the situation.
I hope that voters do not come to the conclusion that the system is unchangeable and that there is no possibility to improve the situation. If we want to become a better country, we must remove ALL of the bad apples (politicians) from the tree and replace them with genuine Americans who have genuine ambitions and true answers to our present issues.

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  1. Democrats continue to use lies, fear, fraud, and accusations against Republicans of exactly what they are doing. Hope people can see through their lies in the midterm elections.

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