Woke Bud Light Blindsided by Unexpected Group That Completely And Totally…

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A few months ago, popular American beer brand Bud Light jumped on the leftist transgender bandwagon. They partnered with an Internet celebrity, a man who chronicled his “first year” of being a girl. Bud Light congratulated him by putting his face on their cans.

The backlash was fierce, but the woke company has yet to apologize to Americans for pushing this increasingly hostile movement. But, to some in the radical transgender world, Bud Light has not doubled down on its stance. And now, one woke activist group is turning up the heat on Bud Light.

From The Post Millennial:

USA Today reports that the Human Rights Campaign, which rates companies based on their policies towards the LGBTQ community through a Corporate Equality Index (CEI), told Anheuser-Busch that they will be losing their 100 percent perfect score, according to a leaked letter that the outlet obtained.

Lol, this is pretty rich. Bud Light lost an estimated $5 billion over this transgender stunt. But that isn’t good enough for the oddly named “Human Rights Campaign.” This group sent a threatening letter to the company saying their Corporate Equality Index is no longer 100 percent.

What is a Corporate Equality Index? Apparently, this group grades companies on how “woke” they are. Sounds a lot like Communist China’s social credit score, right? Even though Anheuser-Busch destroyed its reputation by going woke, that wasn’t good enough for this group. Bud Light’s parent company has made a mess trying to do damage control after the Dylan Mulvaney nonsense.

They haven’t apologized to long-time customers nor distanced themselves from the transgender movement. But neither have they pushed their support for transgenderism. So, this activist group is trying to bully Anheuser-Busch into going even more woke than they have before.

Hmm… I wonder which side this corporation is going to listen to? Millions of loyal customers who don’t want Bud Light being political? Or a small activist group that is threatening to give them a bad grade?

I think the answer is easy! Go with the woke activist group that will make you look bad in front of other woke groups!

If you don’t believe me, keep in mind every other corporation would do the same thing. They’d rather insult millions of customers, lose billions, than look bad in front of the increasingly liberal business world.