Hours After Biden Teases Unconstitutional Move, He Got Hit With A Total Roadblock….

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America might soon default for the first time in history. Despite experts’ predictions, we don’t know what that means. No matter how you slice it, it won’t be good. But even though this spells disaster, Joe Biden refuses to negotiate with Republicans on a debt ceiling bill. In fact, he even talked about forcing the debt ceiling up, without spending cuts, by invoking a constitutional amendment.

From Breitbart:

Biden said that he was looking into an obscure constitutional clause in the 14th Amendment, which states that the validity of public debt “shall not be questioned” — and potentially authorizing the president to circumvent Congress and raise the debt ceiling himself.

Wow. Talk about a tyrant! Instead of following the Constitution’s mandate that all laws must go through Congress, Biden thinks he can exploit an obscure part of the 14th Amendment to force the debt ceiling up.

Didn’t this guy pretend to be the “great negotiator”? Yet he can’t make a deal with Republicans to prevent a disaster? He has to distort an amendment so he can spend more of our children’s money?

Even his own treasury secretary was shocked at this claim.

From Breitbart:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that President Joe Biden can not invoke the 14th Amendment to address the debt ceiling under the current circumstances.

Yellen said that Biden can’t raise the debt ceiling using the 14th and once again said that Congress needs to come up with a deal. Ahem, Republicans in the House have already passed a bill that will raise the debt ceiling and provide spending cuts. All Democrats have to do is pass it in the Senate and sign it into law. But they refuse, putting millions of jobs in jeopardy.

Democrats have even admitted that they are the ones responsible for this mess.

From Breitbart:

Democrats continue to vent over how they have been forced to negotiate with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on a potential debt ceiling deal after months of saying they would not consider discussing such a compromise.

But if they refuse to come to a deal, the country might face a severe recession. Democrats won’t have anyone to blame but themselves… and Sleepy old Joe.