Disney Just Got More Devastating News, And They Are About To Crash Hard….

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You’re probably familiar with the news that, in recent years, Disney’s “gone woke.” The once family-friendly company has been pushing far-left ideas in their movies and shows. They even tried to force Florida into changing state laws that protect children.

As you can imagine, many fans didn’t appreciate this.

Disney has been losing money, due to this move. They fired their CEO and brought back their previous one. And he’s been forced to make some tough moves to keep the company alive. Now, Disney announced yet another unthinkable decision.

From CNN Business:

A third wave of expected layoffs is underway at Disney, and employees impacted by the cuts are being notified this week…

More than 2,500 staff are expected to lose their jobs across the latest wave of layoffs, the source said, in what is anticipated to be the last significant round of cuts that were previously announced by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Nobody in a million years would expect Disney to be forced to lay off employees. But this is what happens when you turn on your customer base. Disney prefers to push radical leftist ideology in their movies, than make content the whole family can enjoy.

We could only expect customers to cut their ties with the company over that. Some Disney movies have bombed in theaters recently. The company’s streaming service has lost a reported $1 billion. The company is slashing departments and will lay off around 7,000 employees when everything’s said and done.

The sad reality is, this could have all been avoided. Had Disney execs not pushed woke ideas, perhaps it wouldn’t be suffering right now. But it injected wokeness in nearly every franchise, from Star Wars to Marvel to animated classics. And for what?

Successful businesses don’t purge thousands of workers!