Whoopi Faces MASSIVE BACKLASH AFTER Saying Holocaust Wasn’t About Race

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Whoopi Goldberg is just awful in my personal opinion.

Her leftist views have completely warped her mind which has taken away any likable factors that she may have had in the past.

Now, with her latest statement on the worst show on television, ‘The View’ I cannot see how anyone could still even claim to be a fan of Goldberg.

Despite the tangible evidence that an estimated six million Jews were killed in a methodical manner during the Holocaust, Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” said that the Holocaust was “not about race,” prompting severe condemnation of the outspoken liberal.

There are no words to even begin to describe this total insane talking point at all.

We are witnessing the birth of revisionist history toward the holocaust.


The chit-chat started over the removal of a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic book about the Holocaust from the curriculum in Tennessee because of “inappropriate language” and a depiction of a naked woman from its curriculum. “Maus,” a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, chronicles the narrative of his Jewish parents, who lived in Poland in the 1940s and portrays him interrogating his father about his experiences as a survivor of the Holocaust.


This is when it gets interesting.

Ana Navarro begins to discuss the Florida law that might restrict any talk in schools that causes children to feel uncomfortable because of their race or gender, Sunny Hostin followed up by wondering whether educating pupils about things such as the Holocaust would soon be forbidden as well, and that is when Whoopi shoots her shot.

“The Holocaust has nothing to do with race,” Goldberg said as her co-hosts looked on in disbelief.

“It’s not about race at all,” Goldberg said further.

“Well, they regarded Jews to be a distinct race,” Joy Behar said.

“It is not a matter of race,” Goldberg said emphatically.

“Can you tell me what it’s about?” Behar was the one who inquired.

According to Goldberg, “it is about man’s inhumanity to man,” which is the subject of the film.

“However, it’s about a white nationalist who is targeting Jews and Gypsies,” Navarro continued as Goldberg tried to talk over her shoulder.

As her colleagues objected, Goldberg said, “But these are two groups of individuals that are mostly White.”

She was warned that Nazis did not consider Jewish people to be “White,” yet she persisted in making her argument despite their objections.



“I think you’re missing the point,” Goldberg asserted emphatically. “When you make it into a race, it starts to travel down this alleyway quickly. Let’s speak about it for what it is: a misunderstanding. It’s about how people interact with one another. There’s an issue here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Black or White, since everyone eats everyone other, whether they’re Black or White, Jews or Italians.”

Goldberg was roundly criticized on the internet for her point of view, given that Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler believed in the existence of a “master race” and wanted to eradicate the Jewish people from Europe.

Maybe, Goldberg needs to be canceled for her disgusting comments and then taught what truly happened to the Jewish people.

It is quite possible that Whoopi needs to visit the Holocaust museum’s website and then send her deepest apologies out to all of the organizations as soon as possible. Or, scratch that,  she should pay a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., and talk to people who have been through it.


3 thoughts on “Whoopi Faces MASSIVE BACKLASH AFTER Saying Holocaust Wasn’t About Race

  1. She was wrong and she was right. While part of Hitler’s agenda was to exterminate Jews he also wanted to eliminate anyone who opposed him. It was more about maintaining power than race. I have family who where in Germany during the war and according to them, people regularly disappeared regardless of their ethnicity. In the words of a now deceased G-Aunt, you didn’t trust your brother. That’s how it was.

  2. Of all the idiotic things that have been said on the View, especially by Whoopi, they pick this to kick her out.

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