There’s Something About Justice Breyer’s Retirement That People Are Totally Missing…

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Yesterday a shock wave was felt throughout the land after SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he was retiring.

Of course, it wasn’t really a shock since liberals have been pressuring the aging justice to retire for some time now, but nevertheless, it still is BIG news.

We may never know if Breyer was truly intent on announcing his retirement yesterday or if he wanted to stay on for a few more years either. However, the Democrats announced the “bombshell” to the media, and now he’ll have no choice but to slither out gracefully.

So, while the leftists celebrate on social media and the conservatives are hanging their heads in despair wondering who will Biden appoint, many people are missing the hidden clue located inside of Justice Breyer’s so-called “retirement.”

Have you figured it out yet?





Why do you think this is happening right now when Biden’s handlers have the WH for another 3 years?

Now, remember, timing is everything in politics.

So, think about it – where do SCOTUS justices get confirmed?

In the Senate, right? What is coming up in less than a year?

The midterms.

Now, do you see it?

The Democrats are already feeling the pinch and are well aware that they are looking at a massive arse-kicking in the House and Senate, and I am not the only one saying this.

Here’s what Human Events editor-in-chief Jack Posobiec said: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but Breyer announcing retirement means Dems know they are losing the Senate this year”

And here was Matt Gaetz’s response: “Bingo”



They would not be rushing this through, right now, if they didn’t think they were losing the Senate.

This is a full-blown panic move on their part and it shows their hand and how weak they are right now.


8 thoughts on “There’s Something About Justice Breyer’s Retirement That People Are Totally Missing…

  1. If Justice Breyer is smart he should not officially retire until the end of the year. It would make the Democrats crazy knowing they can’t fill his position.

  2. Democrats announced his retirement not Justice Beyer. False flag to pressure the justice out.

  3. Breyer is a liberal. He wants to be replaced by another liberal. He doesn’t want to be regarded as Ginsburg was. They may have rushed him a bit and he wanted to be given the respect of announcing it himself but he’s fine with stepping down, just not the exact timing. He also knows that there is an ice cube’s chance in hell of Biden being a two termer.

  4. I think there’s something HUGE that’s being overlooked about Justice Breyer’s ‘retirement’!! ‘President’ Biden has ANNOUNCED that the replacement Justice will be black & female. It’s long past time a black female was on the court, however LAWS ARE LAWS! How is ‘President’ Biden not violating the Civil Rights Bill in his announced discrimination based on Race & Gender???

  5. The other thing not stated here is that McConnell can use committee procedure to stall any nominee put forth. So any vote may not happen until next year anyway.

  6. Let’s hope that McConnell will have guts enough to postpone and stall the SCOTUS vote until after the Republicans take over the House and Senate elections in November. But, don’t count on McConnell to stand up to the DemonRats, especially on this issue!


    To identify any of the nine Supreme Court Judges (at any time since the inception of the Constitutional Republic) as “Justices” is but part of the scam conned on Americans when the 1787 cadre of Enlightenment and Masonic theistic rationalists (aka constitutional framers) devised an unbiblical juridical system as part of their biblically abominable government.

    Supreme Court!?! They will all one day face the real Supreme Court whereby they will be held responsible for their sedition against Yahweh God of the Bible and His moral law as supreme. The same for anyone promoting the Constitution as the supreme law of land.

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    Then Chapter 4 “Article 1: Legislative Usurpation.”

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    Then Chapter 6 “Article 3: Judicial Usurpation.

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  8. Biden could care less about our LAWS and Constitution. he has proven to be laawsless! just like the kenyan.

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