There’s A Secret Fact About Tucker Carlson That SCARES Democrats…

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We already know that the Democrats despise Tucker Carlson and will do anything to get the man off the air.

Now, of course, the main reason we all come up with why they would want him off the air so much is that he is a conservative, but there is another reason too.

As it turns out, when you look deeper into Carlson’s ratings you see exactly why they are so adamant about removing him.

In fact, Tucker Carlson is the most-watched in cable news amongst young Democrats.

Yep, you totally read that correctly.


I know, I know. It sounds hard to believe but it is actually true and that is why they are panicking.

According to the Nielsen ratings, Tucker pulled in a whopping 101,000 Democrat viewers in October 2021.


Oh, but if we dig deeper we see even more clearly.

It is a key group of Democrats between the ages of 25-54 that are watching the show.

If you were not aware that is the most coveted demographic.

Is this more proof that young Americans are swallowing a big red pill?


Mediaite reported that new numbers from Nielsen/MRI Fusion released Tuesday showed a surprising trend among cable news viewers – Democrats are tuning into Fox News in large numbers.

According to the party-line data, gathered in the month of October, Tucker Carlson is the number-one watched host among Democrats in the key 25-54 age demographic – across all networks. For that month, Carlson pulled in an average of 101,000 Democrats in the demo. The Rachel Maddow Show and The Five tied for second – each pulling in 88,000 demo viewers that identify as Democrats.

More stunning still is the fact that Sean Hannity and Greg Gutfeld round out the top five with 81,000 and 73,000 Democrats in the demo, respectively.

In terms of total viewers, Fox has three of the top five shows watched by Democrats, while MSNBC has the other two.

This is some pretty surprising data, right?

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  1. Nothing is free in life and if it’s from any government it will have a price of less freedom and more control over your life.
    Young need to know their history to learn that America is not an evil country but historically the greatest nations that allows and encourages free speech, free assembly, freedom to worship, everyone is equal. Sadly, the radical left, i.e., socialism, communism, Marxism, etc., they have all failed in history because they bring tyrannical government that has nearly 200 million deaths last century. Yet, they keep trying to sell their evil as something good. Capitalism allows equal opportunity, keep what you earn. Socialism allows equal outcome, you must share your income with those who do not contribute, but take.

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