Millions Of Americans Disturbed From Footage Of Jill And Joe Biden Holding Hands…[VIDEO]

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Since Joe Biden was selected and installed as “president” a year ago, there have been many questions surrounding his health.

Ok, the questions started before he was “elected” but they really came under the microscope over the last year.

It is clear to most people that Biden is failing healthwise and instead of the media questioning it, they are busy covering for him.

Every time that Biden speaks, he seems to struggle remembering points, and also he seems to be rather sluggish in his movements too. If you were to see this sort of behavior with anyone else in your family this would raise alarm bells and most would seek medical advice.

However, that is not happening with Biden at all.

Instead, his handlers keep pushing him out into the public, propping him up in an attempt to make this all seem normal.



Though, what occurred yesterday is sure to raise even the most staunchly brainwashed Biden-bot.

A clip of Joe and Jill Biden holding hands has raised many eyebrows.

For some people, they are witnessing a loving couple walk hand-in-hand away together, but for those with a more discerning eye, there is something wrong here.

The mage appears to be framed as a frail older man who needs his wife to lead him around.

And it scares many people because this is the so-called leader of the free world.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“We aré DOOMED.”

“Sad and certainly depressing for the country.”

“This just screams power” 

“Man leader of the free world right there showing super strength…..”

“And he wants to run again LOL”

“This is called elder abuse, everyone” 

“He looks like that guy walking into a restaurant at 3:00 pm for the “blue-haired” special.”

“She told to Him ” Let’s go Brandon!!!”

“Putin is raising the white flag after this display of power.”

“You know this is playing on repeat on Russia primetime tv”

“Nursing home imminent.”

“Omg sad really. Doesnt have a clue. If Jill wasnt thete he would not know what to do”

“An elderly man & his caregiver” 

“Jill is wearing 2 masks”

“This is like watching someone at a nursing home winning bingo and he’s going to get his prize of extra pudding.”

“What an embarrassment. I see this and I fear for my country” 

And trust me, the memes are already starting…


So, what do you think this clip shows? A loving couple just holding hands or a wife helping her feeble husband?

20 thoughts on “Millions Of Americans Disturbed From Footage Of Jill And Joe Biden Holding Hands…[VIDEO]

  1. Really I think she is leading him so he doesn’t stumble or get lost , he vever seems to sure of himself in anything that he has done since being President and to think he is suppose to be our Commander In Chief, not mine in a long shot

  2. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Reminded me of my holding my elderly mom’s hand when she was still living, so she wouldn’t stumble to lose direction. Sad to see, but I really have no respect for either of them. She knew he was failing both mentally & physically during the campaign, and yet….she wanted that power that goes along with the office.

  3. This is a woman leading her elderly husband so that he doesn’t get lost or fall down. It looks just like my husband and me as I am 55 and my husband is 82. It also reminds me of my mother and I. My mother is 84. I’m not being sarcastic nor do I mean any disrespect. This is just my honest opinion of what I see.

  4. If President Biden were the required strong, vibrant leader, he would not walk like an old, confused man being led by wife Jill. The film would show him erect and confidently striding with wife , Jill, if not in tow, at least alongside. The party desperately needs to find a semi-plausible excuse for Joe Biden to step down, which would not include appearance of dementia. Perhaps an incipient heart condition? Let him out of his prison with some dignity, honor him for his 4 decades of government service, and replace the office with some credible person.
    I am a Libertarian and do not vote for the duopoly of NWO leaders but find the present office to be an embarassment to the world and to our country. Appearance is of importance to the world and to our country’s citizens.

  5. You know this OLD MAN’S FAMILY should care about him!
    No the Biden Family wanted to be in the White House! NONE OF THEM GAVE A RATS BEHIND ABOUT HIS MENTAL HEALTH AT ALL! Anyone who thinks that Joe is running this country should have their MENTAL HEALTH CHECKED ALSO! The only thing this so called wife wanted was to be first lady! Their whole life together is all made up! From when they meet her being married to someone else! To just Joe’s creepy way around woman and children! Makes my skin crawl!

  6. Goodbye Patriot United. I made an innocuous comment and it was censored/deleted. I don’t need this.

  7. jill biden should be sent to jail for elder abuse just because she wanted to be first lady. god help us

  8. It certainly looks to me like Mother Doctor Biden is holding Joey’s hand so he won’t Wander Away! There was a movie titled “The Kindergarten Cop”well now we have the Kindergarten President!

    The democrats and the Biden’s are a Bad Joke and the Joke is on U.S.!

  9. A leader is supposed to lead and not being lead, hand held or guided by another person. This is not a picture of a leader, but a candidate for the old aged home.

  10. Ya’ll seen enough yet? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun!! Let’s Go Brandon, FJB and ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS, demoncRATs and RINOS, deserve dirt naps, Whole Global Cabal. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA , P.A.N.I.C.

  11. Why is anyone surprised? I am caretaking my husband who is struggling with dementia. I have to lead him around like this but there is NO way I would allow him to be abused like Jill Biden is doing senile Joe. No amount of money or power would make me do it. She needs to be held accountable as a husband abuser.

  12. Here’s what worries me…even if we disregard the cheating, fraudulent votes manufactured to put this treasonous, incompetent, senile old socialist in the White House, there were still MILLIONS of
    “Americans” who actually voted for this dufus. Can anyone explain to me what has happened to this country?

  13. Biden/Harris has been a complete embarrassment. Our allies are dumbfounded that the people chose to get rid of a strong, accomplished, make America First President…..and replace with a mentally challenged president and an unqualified, do nothing VP
    Everywhere and everything they touch sets back our Country. The Country needs a change for the better and which was the former. Socialism does not work!

  14. Needs to be seen with any summit with Putin or Xi alone
    & or at UN or any Hollywood celeb event

  15. Sorry Marine Bob God has turned his back on our country and perhaps the whole world. He is not interested and doesn’t give a tinkers damn what happens to us. If he did, he would never have permitted Biden to become President.

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