Rand Paul GRILLS Rachel Levine on Her Position on SEX CHANGES FOR CHILDREN, Then RESPONDS to Accusations of TRANSPHOBIA

Apparently, the liberals are running amok again on Capitol Hill. This time, they are putting well-known Kentucky Senator Rand Paul through the ringer because of his intense questioning of President Biden’s pick for the assistant secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine. This was in regards to her alleged support of giving transgendered children sex-change surgeries […]

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Swedish Man

70-Year-Old Swedish Mother Has Apparently Done THIS to Her Son For 28 YEARS

When you think of Sweden the first thing that comes to mind is usually that of a friendly and welcoming place. However, there is one particular 70-year-old mother who has possibly done a lot of damage to that stereotype, especially when you consider what she did to her son. After emergency crews rushed to the […]

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Life Support

2-Month-Old Female Infant on LIFE SUPPORT After Heroin INJECTION SPOTS FOUND

They have placed a two-month-old girl on life support after authorities found her unconscious with numerous injection marks. After further investigation, it was determined that the little girl had tested positive for heroin in her bloodstream. San Angelo first found the girl unconscious Sunday morning in the Texas town of San Angelo at a residence […]

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