Transphobia? Transphobia?

Rand Paul GRILLS Rachel Levine on Her Position on SEX CHANGES FOR CHILDREN, Then RESPONDS to Accusations of TRANSPHOBIA


Apparently, the liberals are running amok again on Capitol Hill. This time, they are putting well-known Kentucky Senator Rand Paul through the ringer because of his intense questioning of President Biden’s pick for the assistant secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine. This was in regards to her alleged support of giving transgendered children sex-change surgeries and puberty blockers. Be aware that Rand Paul is no spring chicken on the subject; he himself is a former physician.

Last Thursday, the gloves came off, and Senator Paul didn’t waste any time during Dr. Levine’s confirmation hearing. Senator Paul asked Dr. Levine (a transgender woman herself) about her support for allowing children to be able to change their sex. With laser focus, Rand Paul asked Dr. Levine if she seriously believes that children have the ability to make such a grave decision.

In typical liberal fashion, Dr. Levine didn’t EVEN TRY to answer the question; she just merely tried to avoid it. All she did was give Senator Paul a vague response about how complex transgender medicine can be. This alone was bad enough, but she continued to reiterate such statements for Paul’s subsequent questions.

To his credit, Rand Paul believes that these decisions should be reserved for individuals who are 18 or older. He called these child sex-change procedures “genital mutilation”. Naturally, the leftist media is having a field day with these comments, claiming that Paul is “transphobic”, and accusing him of bullying the nominee and providing “transphobic misinformation.”

However, Rand Paul has always been excellent at diplomacy, and he responded to these criticisms on the Glenn Beck Radio Program by claiming that questioning Levine had nothing to do with the fact that she herself is transgender. It had more to do with his reservations over whether Dr. Levine would support these gender changes in children, which could arguably be labeled child abuse.

“Here’s what is interesting,” Paul said on Glenn Beck’s program, “My comments were in no way directed toward her personally or who Dr. Levine is. Instead, my questions were directed toward her position on whether children are able to consent to these types of procedures. It wasn’t inflammatory at all. These decisions have serious consequences. You know, we have informed consent laws in other areas. We all agree that there should be laws regarding whether 12-year-olds can consent to intercourse, so why shouldn’t we have questions regarding this. I just believe that they are simply too young to much such a serious decision.”

Paul had more to say about the issue. “The danger here is that you need to have some chutzpah. It takes courage and guts to stand up to all of this because that’s the culture we are in. There’s an immense victim mentality where we have everyone saying I made ‘transphobic’ comments yesterday. Egad, I was merely asking a question. There’s only a handful of us in the Senate that are not afraid to speak out. We live in this terrible cancel culture where everyone is scared to speak out.”

What do YOU think about how Rand Paul was treated here? Do you think the “cancel culture” of the liberals is getting way too carried away here? As always, we’d love to hear your comments!


7 thoughts on “Rand Paul GRILLS Rachel Levine on Her Position on SEX CHANGES FOR CHILDREN, Then RESPONDS to Accusations of TRANSPHOBIA

  1. I firmly agree with Dr. Paul. In fact I may move to Ky. just so I can vote for him. For crying out loud children have a tough enough life without going in to that massive mind twister. For the life of me I can’t figure out why that nut (Levine) is allowed any platform at all in this matter, it’s obvious he is broken. He should go somewhere and work on his own problems.

  2. Mr/s Levine is a sad sick person who was put forward in a position it is not qualified to do. Just because it made a foolish decision doesn’t mean young children should be exposed to such a damaging & dangerous operation. Kids do change their minds. If anyone can be accused of being fluid, it would be children.

  3. Persons like Rachel that want to change to a different label should be called it instead oh he or she???

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