One Photo Of Crooked Kamala Will Have Smoke Coming From Your Ears!

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It does not take much for smoke to come out of my ears when I see photos of Kamala Harris, but this one has to take the cake.

This entire group of liberal elitists is the worst and sadly, so many of their ardent supporters STILL believe that they are on the side of the people.

Now, I am not trying to be completely mean here, but I often wonder how many of these supporters have eaten lead paint chips in their lives. It is the only way that this braindead, zombie-like following to the left makes any sense to me anymore.

However, I digress, my apologies.


Politicians are big for their photo-ops so that they can show their constituents that they are just like them, but are they?

They love to get down on the level of the “little people” and show how much they care about them during the COVID pandemic.

However, you would think that with all the handlers out there they would make sure that a memo would have gone out that said, “Whatever you do, avoid being photographed around masked kids without a mask on. It looks elitist and really offends people…”

Apparently, that hasn’t happened, or if it did, they just don’t care, because we keep seeing unmasked politicians with masked-up kids, and it could be one of the most off-putting, infuriating images ever.

In case you forgot, remember when Stacey Abrams went mask-free recently and had to apologize for being seated in a classroom of masked-up kids who looked like abused hostages behind her?

Well, here we go again.

This time, it’s Kamala in a photo, where she’s holding hands with two little black girls, who are wearing masks, while Kamala, goes footloose and mask-free.

t’s a disgusting image that highlights the COVID elitism and class warfare we’ve seen throughout this entire “pandemic.”


Maybe Kamala thinks this looks touching and warm.

It doesn’t.

Check it out:

And here is a close-up shot of the “touching moment”.




Here’s what people online had to say:

“This should 100% infuriate you as a parent!!”

“Look at her face. Pure EVIL. She’s enjoying it”

“The strategy is CHILD ABUSE”

“Serious question…Is this science?”

“Children are not the risk, child abuser. Please stop being a child abuser. 🙄 so unproductive of the US or being a US citizen.”

“This is the most hate-worth adult in the country” 

“Look at her smug face. This is the world they want.”

“Shamefully showing her smirking unmasked face… Absolutely vile.”

“Blood boiling moment. A savage woman this one.”

“This is just narcissism on display. Everyone else must mask, so they don’t have to.”

“Big me little you…that’s the message on full display” 

“Democrats are literally building a Hitler Youth program.”

“It doesn’t matter how many of these pictures appear, children masked to ‘protect’ the rich elite, they don’t show any shame and most of the public just accept it. Tragic stupidity man industrial scale.”

“So sad to see how ignorant, insensitive and arrogant the elites are to average human being these days!”


COVID has turned this country upside down in more ways than one.

You know, that old adage is true – if you give the left an inch, they will take a mile.

15 days to slow the spread, turned into two years to reset the world.

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