One Of Biden’s Top Cheerleaders Has Left Him High And Dry

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It seems that Joe Biden’s week is not off to a good start.

Well, that should not surprise anyone considering the bungled job that he has been doing for the last year. For a while now, Biden has had many ardent supporters in his corner. Biden’s supporters were constantly cheering him on and the MSM did a great job at propping him up like the 80s comedy, ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.

However, the tides have been turning against Uncle Joe and that is not a good place to be with the midterms just around the corner.


Frank Luntz who has been on ‘Team Biden’ for a moment has seemed to switch stances, well at least for now.

Luntz appeared on ABC News “This Week” and compared Joe to Jimmy Carter.


Here’s part of the transcript:

KARL: So, we’ve heard from David Axelrod, of course, President Obama’s top adviser, with some advice for Biden on how to approach this. Let me read a portion of what he said. The state of the union is stressed, he said. To claim otherwise, to highlight the progress we have made without fully acknowledging the hard road we have traveled and the distance we need to go would seem off key and out of touch. You simply cannot jaw bone Americans into believing things are better than they feel.

So, basically, from Axelrod, Frank, we’re hearing the advice that Biden should offer a dose of humility. That’s not usually what we hear in a State of the Union Address.

Is that really the way to go?

FRANK LUNTZ, POLLSTER & COMMUNICATIONS ADVISER: No. It — he’s got to tell the truth, which means you have to acknowledge where things are. You can’t tell people that happy days are here again and you’re in the middle of — of a depression. You can’t tell people that things are good.

And, by the way, it’s not inflation. So here’s an example of language. No one actually says, “Wow, look at all that inflation,” when they walk through a supermarket, or think of inflation when they put gas in their tanks. The American people are paying more for everything they’ve got. And they wonder, “Is it ever going to stop?”

They look at what’s going on in Ukraine and they wonder, “Have we lost our respect?”

They look at shortages that they went through and they wonder, are they ever going to be able to get that house or the car that they want to buy?

This is real. There’s a level of anxiety that I haven’t seen since the 1970s, and I’d be curious to your reaction. Joe Biden ran as Harry Truman. He thought he was going to govern as Franklin Roosevelt. But this, to me, looks just like Jimmy Carter, in every possible way. And those people sitting in the chamber on the 1st of March are going to wonder from this president, is he going to do to them what Jimmy Carter did, which is give us Ronald Reagan?


Watch the video:


Frank likes to bounce around and play both sides of the fence – but it’s gotten so bad for Joe, that he can’t do that anymore.

The mood in this country is so sour, that Frank and his toupee must finally pick a side.

3 thoughts on “One Of Biden’s Top Cheerleaders Has Left Him High And Dry

  1. First off Pedo Joe is no where near as Intelligent as Bernie after Bernie DIED. Next No one with a Brain which leaves Democraps out likes Pedo Joe. He makes Carter look as good as Reagan. If Pedo Joe had a plan other than undo all that President Trump has done for America maybe he would have supporters other than those to WILLFULLY IGNORANT to see the TRUTH as it is slapping the WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER from their OTHERWISE EMPTY SKULLS. Pedo Joe will NEVER be worthy of the Title of the office that Democraps CHEATED him into. Pedo Joe proves that FACT every time his lips move.

  2. Jesse sums it up perfectly. Let’s go Brandon! Here’s to a red wave in 2022 and Trump back in the W;hite House in 2024!

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