California Reparations Panel Unloads a New Demand That Is The Height Of Insanity…

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So, what’s going on in the Communist State of California? The once golden state has been overrun by a Democrat supermajority. And this group of leftists is doing a bang-up job… running the state into the ground.

Crime is out of control, homelessness is an epidemic, and businesses are collapsing. But what are the braindead leaders worried about? Paying black people money for slavery–even though California was never a slave state. And guess what their socialist “task force” is demanding now?

From Breitbart:

Black residents of California should be given a slavery reparation “down payment” as soon as possible, a slavery task force has told the state…

According to a report by Fox News, the  panel has now told the California government that it could take a significant length of time for the state to figure out exactly how much it owes each black resident, with the body as such recommending that it give each affected individual a reparation “down payment” as it figures out exactly how much the African-American population is owed.

What a load! California’s reparations “task force” is demanding the state–which is facing a budget deficit–to pay black residents a “down payment.” They refuse to give the state a final number, saying it will “take time” to process their bogus claims.

In the meantime, California must give black residents–who were never slaves–millions of dollars. One projection has the cost of this idiocy at $800 billion, three times the state’s total annual budget.

But you know what? I don’t care. Let California drive the final nail into the coffin. Imagine the tax hikes needed to give black residents that much money? Businesses will evacuate as fast as humanly possible. If you thought the exodus from California was insane now, just imagine what will happen then!

California, by the way, doesn’t have the money it needs to address actual problems. Its infrastructure is falling apart. Every summer it suffers droughts and wildfires. Every winter it suffers massive flooding and mudslides. This is thanks to Democrats, whose radical laws have destroyed the state.

If they go through with this reparations nonsense, it will all be over. Chaos would ensue as everyone and their momma will claim to be black. Imagine how many illegals will flood CA just to get a check?

We’ll be here to say, “I told you so” when the state collapses.