Trump Reveals He Has Given Clinton and Biden Brand New Nicknames That Will…

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It’s curtains for “Crooked Hillary.”

Former President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he is revamping his nicknames for both Hillary Clinton, who Trump defeated in 2016’s presidential race and President Joe Biden. Trump often called Biden “Sleepy Joe” during the 2020 presidential campaign.

After drawing a cheer from the crowd by reciting the 2016 catchphrase “Crooked Hillary Clinton,” Trump said in a video clip posted to Twitter he had a “major announcement” that he said “may be the most important part of what I’m going to say.”

“I will be retiring the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton,” Trump said during a campaign swing in New Hampshire.

“And I’m going to give her a new name — I don’t know, like maybe ‘Lovely Hillary’ or ‘Beautiful Hillary’ — but I’m going to retire the name ‘Crooked’ so that we can use the name for Joe Biden, because he’ll be known from now on as ‘Crooked Joe Biden,’” Trump said.

Trump said Clinton is “out there someplace celebrating” the end of his use of that name for her.

He told the crowd Biden deserved the name because “there’s never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest as Joe Biden and the press absolutely refuses to report it.”


“Because, frankly, they’re just as crooked as he is, that they are,” Trump said.

Referencing Biden’s announcement Tuesday that he will seek, re-election, Trump framed the 2024 election as a choice “between strength and weakness, between success or failure, between safety or anarchy, between peace or conflict, and prosperity or catastrophe. We are living in a catastrophe,” according to Newsmax.

“Joe Biden cares only about enriching his own family, I care about enriching your family and you. A Biden victory will be bad for you, good for China, and truly great for these globalists. We’ve got a lot of globalists,” he said, adding that a Trump win “will be bad for the globalists, the RINOs, the communists, the Marxists, but it will be great for the hard-working people of New Hampshire.”

Noting that Biden, in his announcement, said the Make America Great Again movement was a threat to democracy, Trump fired back.

“It is Biden who poses the threat to democracy because he is grossly incompetent, he has no idea what he is doing and basically, he doesn’t have a clue, and that is a very bad position to put our country in,” he said, according to Fox News.


“He wants to finish the job of destroying our country,” Trump said. “But on that, he’s actually very close — he is very close to finishing the job.”

During his speech, Trump said his election would ensure China does not invade Taiwan and said he will settle the war between Russia and Ukraine “before I even arrive at the Oval Office, shortly after I win the presidency.”

As the crowd chanted, “We love Trump,” Trump replied.”I love you too.”

“That’s why I am doing this. I had a nice life. I didn’t have to go before grand juries every time I fly over a state — if I fly over a state that happens to be Democrat-run, they sent me a subpoena to go before a grand jury. These people are sick — they’re weaponizing that stuff,” he said.