Biden’s Pentagon Exposed in New Report That Will Ruin Him…

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When Joe Biden entered office, he started flooding the Pentagon with political cronies. These weren’t hardened warriors, dedicated to protecting America. These were career politicians, swamp-dwellers who cared more about their pensions than serving the country. Big surprise that our military’s top brass immediately started putting gender pronouns ahead of our fighting readiness.

And guess what that’s led to?

As Biden ships our weapons overseas to Ukraine, our Armed Forces fall apart. His “woke” Pentagon has neglected the military–hiring drag queens to recruit new service members. Gee, I can’t believe that didn’t work! Now, one of our most critical branches of the military has become a total wreck. This is really pathetic.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. Navy currently suffers from failures in mission readiness that include maintenance backlogs, decaying shipyards, crew fatigue, and supply chain bottlenecks, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) set out in a report Tuesday…

Resource readiness ratings measure the status of personnel, equipment, supplies and training, while mission capability readiness ratings measure whether a unit can accomplish its designed missions, the report states.

This is unbelievable. And you know this would have never happened under Trump! Thanks to Joe Biden’s woke Pentagon, the Navy is falling apart. A new report from the GAO has shown the Navy is failing in its resource readiness and its mission capability readiness–two crucial factors that determine how effective the Armed Forces can be.

But the Navy is crumbling, as the Secretary of Defense Austin hunts down “white supremacists” and hires drag queens to recruit. According to the report, shipyards are decaying, our crews are overworked and overwhelmed, and supply chain bottlenecks are depriving them of resources.

This is particularly bad when you realize how important our Navy is to national and international defense. All other members of our Armed Forces depend on the Navy. American coasts and the coasts of our allies are kept safe by the Navy. Plus, all those goods that are shipped around the globe are protected by the Navy.

This news comes as we hear more and more about China’s intentions for Taiwan. We need a tip-top Navy to defend our ally, should the worst happen. But can this Navy actually stand up to China?

Not when Biden’s in office.