Bizarre New Marriage Trend Goes Viral And It Is Confusing The Heck Out Of…..

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Marriage is one of the foundations of a civilized society. And while the definition of the term is always up for debate (some believe only a man and a woman can marry, for example), the institution is timeless.

At the very least, everyone assumes that the union involves more than one person. It doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

But to thousands of women, that’s not the case anymore — and the popularity of this new “marriage” trend is on the rise.

It’s called “sologamy,” which is basically taking the idea of self-love to a whole new level. It also involves adopting an “auto-sexual lifestyle,” which means you’re attracted most to yourself.

Unsurprisingly, the leftist-oriented source CNN decided to do a feature on this and paint it as an empowering trend, which has a positive impact on mental health.

The bizarre idea was described as follows (via Breitbart):

‘The concept of self-marriage, or sologamy, has been around for years…’

‘No data exists on how many people celebrate sologamy with ceremonies, but the practice has been explored in a handful of recent news articles,’ CNN reported.

The women interviewed ‘described the act as a symbolic expression of self-love and an affirmation of a deep meaningful relationship with one’s self.’

The report adds that the women aren’t “swearing off future partnerships,” though, which is a common misconception.

It’s quite the process: body image coach Danni Adams said she spent years working on herself; going to therapy and “breaking generational curses” and “processing trauma.” All just to prepare herself to marry…herself.

She ultimately married herself in front of 40 guests, then went on a honeymoon – again,  only with herself – in Tulum, Mexico.

Said Adams:

Everything that has happened to me in my past as a child, all the things that have harmed me, I was like, this is a restart at life. I get to own my life, my own joy, my own choices. And that’s what it was about.

Obviously, self-marriage is not recognized by law in the U.S. And some view it as the ultimate expression of narcissism.

Of course, CNN added yet another positive spin, saying it’s a “healthy form of narcissism,” though critics argue there’s no such thing. These same critics say you can call it what you want, but you can’t “marry” yourself.

Therapist John Amodeo said “sologamy” is an expression of self-love, and that a lack of self-love is what leads to narcissism.

But no matter how you examine and present it, millions wonder just how much more bizarre human beings can get. Marrying yourself just because you need to feel better about yourself?

It’s the use of the term “marriage” in this case that’s bound to cause problems, especially among those who believe marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

But these days, it seems as if absolutely nothing, not even societal foundations, is sacred anymore.