Two Woke Company’s Dark Secrets Have Been Exposed And…

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In recent months, Americans have sent a strong message to large corporations. Customers have boycotted Bud Light and Target, because of how these companies have sided with the transgender movement. Bud Light has lost billions, and Target even more.

And retail chain Kohl’s is quickly watching its stock value drop, after it displayed gay and transgender clothing for babies.

Target and Kohl’s are doing more than selling gay-themed clothing to children and infants. It appears the executives who run these massive corporations have taken other steps to support transgenderism, by donating to one organization in particular.

From The Post Millennial:

Target and Kohl’s, both massive retailers of youth clothing, have a sent significant amount of money to GLSEN, an activist group that promotes gender ideology and child gender transitions in schools…

GLSEN has taken in substantial donations from more than one large children’s retailer. Kohl’s sent $35,000 to the group last year, while Target has reportedly handed over at least $2.1 million.

Both Target and Kohl’s have donated money to GLSEN. This group promotes transgenderism among children. GLSEN not only encourages children to “transition,” but they advocate for keeping parents in the dark.

They have used court rulings to claim that students have a right to privacy, to the point where their parents are not informed about their interest in transgenderism. Keep in mind, this is happening as schools aggressively push this movement, which could convince vulnerable children that they are “trans.”

GLSEN instructs schools on how to encourage and promote transgenderism. They even provide guidance on how schools should involve parents, if they involve the parents at all.

According to records, Target donated over $2 million to this group, while Kohl’s has donated $35,000. I’m sure parents would like to know what kind of groups these retailers are funding with their purchases. Already, Americans are upset that major corporations are promoting transgenderism and other ideologies in their stores.

How will parents react knowing that they also donate to GLSEN? I’m thinking… not well.

Already these companies have been losing stock value due to growing boycotts. It’s unclear just how much money these businesses have lost so far in declining sales. But it seems like companies are unconcerned that their support for political issues is costing them customers.

Perhaps much more will have to be done, before corporate America backs down.