Trump Dropped An Earth-Shaking Truth Bomb About The Biggest Problem America Faces…

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When Donald Trump was president, he went to war with the opioid crisis. Countless Americans had been dying of overdoses due to powerful illegal drugs coming over the border. Thanks to Trump, the border was under control and Americans were getting life-saving help.

All that went away, when Joe Biden let the border turn into chaos.

Border town officials tell us the drug cartels are running the border. Americans fear how this new flood of opioids will hurt their families. Donald Trump is in no way going to let the cartels win. And this week, he issued a major warning to these poison pushers. He really means business.

From Fox News:

Former President Trump said he would deploy military assets to fight the fentanyl crisis and “inflict maximum damage” on cartel operations if elected in 2024, and he would seek the death penalty to convicted drug dealers and human traffickers.

Trump announced that if re-elected he would deploy “military assets” to shut down the fentanyl crisis happening thanks to drug cartels. He vowed to “inflict maximum damage” against the cartels that are shuttling these drugs into our country.

The former president said that more than 100,000 Americans are dying every year, thanks to this crisis. He blamed Joe Biden for neglecting the border, allowing the cartels to easily move into the United States.

Under Trump, drug overdoses were declining per year for the first time in 30 years. That ended when Biden reversed Trump’s border policies. Under Biden, we’ve seen the border become overrun with illegal immigration.

Drug cartels appear to be using our border like a revolving door. The Biden administration has refused to deport illegal aliens, encouraging more mass migration. Of course, the drug cartels have been exploiting Joe’s weakness, moving their drugs into America with little opposition.

It’s unclear what kind of measures Trump intends to use against the drug cartels. “Military assets” doesn’t necessarily mean soldiers. He could use drones or other advanced technology to track down and destroy cartels. That might avoid backlash from the Mexican government, which wouldn’t support U.S. troops moving into their country.

Trump also intends to push for the death penalty against drug dealers and human traffickers. The president does not have the power to issue death penalties against convicted criminals. He would have to go through the DOJ and order them to enact policies to that effect. Even then, he would most likely need the support of both Congress and the courts.

But will this vow impress voters? Will Trump’s rhetoric win over Republicans still on the fence? I guess we’ll find out.