Biden Makes Jaw-Dropping Flub That Proves He Has Lost His…


Before we realize it, the 2024 General Election will be upon us. It might seem like far away, but it’s coming. Yet, despite the fast-approaching day, Joe Biden has not officially announced his re-election campaign. What is he waiting for? The liberal establishment is hard at work, squashing any primary rivals. But still, Joe has not made an official announcement.

During this year’s Easter Egg Roll, however, he did say something eye-opening. And keen observers think he spilled the beans with yet-another Joe Biden gaffe. Does this mean he plans on running or maybe even quitting mid-term?

From Not the Bee:

Today at the White House’s annual Easter egg roll Joe Biden sort of announced his intent to run for reelection in 2024, in the most Joe Biden way possible. By mumbling something semi-coherent to Al Roker:

Biden: I plan on- at least 3 or 4 more Easter egg rolls. Maybe 5, maybe 6 what the hell.

Roker: Are you saying that you would be taking part in our upcoming election in 2024?

Biden: I’ll either be rolling an egg or being, being the – you know – the guy who’s pushing them out.

What did that mean? Does Biden intend on running or not? He said he’d either be “rolling an egg” or the “guy who’s pushing them out.” Huh? Hey White House! Biden’s medication needs updating. He talking about egg rolling for crying out loud!

Yes, Biden is still claiming he’s running in 2024. But he claims he’s “not ready” to make it official. I guess he’s waiting for whatever Obama tells him to do. His comments suggest that he might stick around until 2026, which would be in the middle of his possible second term. But now, Americans are letting him know, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

From Daily Wire:

Over two thirds of Americans believe that President Joe Biden does not deserve another term in office…

Biden’s approval rating hit 42% with a disapproval rating of 57%. In January, those numbers were 45% and 55%, respectively. The difference is within the margin of error for the poll, however.

Only 32% of voters polled think Biden deserves a second term. This CNN poll came out before news of Trump’s indictment, which might skew the numbers even further against Biden. This is pretty damning information, especially coming from a network as left-leaning as CNN.

It also flies in the face of the claim that Democrats are trying to get Trump nominated, so he can lose to Biden. Joe Biden faces very tough re-election odds. And if he runs against a strong candidate like Trump, he’s in big trouble.

These numbers suggest only one-third of the U.S. wants Biden back in the Oval Office. But is this poll predicting the 2024 Election results? We can’t be sure. What we can say for sure is that Joe will only make his prospects worse in the next two years.

He is sure to keep failing the American public, giving them more reason to reject him.



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