Yellen: ‘Climate Change’ Affecting Other Countries a ‘Priority’ for Treasury Dept.


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that “climate change” and subsequent “adverse effects on developing countries” were still a top priority for the department, even though Americans have been struggling with inflation and surging costs of living since Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office.

After returning from the G20 economic summit in India, Yellen revealed that information to CNBC on Monday, according to the Trending Politics.

“I want to ask you about your trip this week and your top priorities and messages for world leaders at a time where, if you look at the global economy, you mentioned China’s weaker than expected. Europe is also showing some more weakness. Germany going negative in growth. What are you saying to them?” CNBC host Sara Eisen said.

In her response to the mainstream media propagandist, Yellen highlighted how neither she nor her department prioritizes Americans and that they are focused on “measures to address issues in the global economy and to achieve stronger and sustainable growth.”

“Russia’s continuing brutal war in Ukraine is having a very adverse impact, and we’re spending time this week discussing food prices and what we can do to alleviate hunger and shortages of food, especially since the Black Sea Green Initiative [that] Russia has ended,” she said.

Yellen then added that the other thing that she and other bureaucrats were concerned about was climate change.

“We’re focused on climate change and the adverse impact that’s having on developing countries, on emerging markets. It interacts with the scarcity of food. And we’re focused on greatly expanding the amount of aid and private investment that we can channel into emerging markets in developing countries around the world,” she said.

After that, Yellen said that she and other leftists would use this talking point as an excuse to push globalism down people’s throats.

“We have the initiative to enable the World Bank and the other multilateral development banks to greatly expand their provision of resources and to mobilize private capital for climate change,” she said.

Among other issues that the department is concerned about is the prevention of “future pandemics,” Yellen added.

“We’re focused on health, preventing future pandemics, and mobilizing funds, both public and private, through the president’s partnership for global investment with the G7 to boost infrastructure development in a meaningful way, infrastructure investment around the world,” she said.