Whitmer Cashed in Seven-Figure Pay for Book Amid VP Rumors


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, clinched a substantial seven-figure book deal amid increasing rumors that she might be selected as a quick replacement for President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris in the event of a health emergency. 

According to Page Six, the deal with publishing giant Simon & Schuster amounts to a generous “seven-figure” total and took place during an auction. An insider informed Page Six that the book is expected to be “rushed out as soon as possible.”

Whitmer has gained prominence within the Democratic Party, particularly for her far-left politics and unbending support for Biden, who is currently embroiled in an impeachment inquiry and facing numerous scandals related to border chaos and global conflicts.

The Michigan governor was considered among the women to join Biden’s ticket during his successful presidential bid in 2020

As reported by the Detroit News, Whitmer eventually informed the Biden campaign that she was no longer interested in being considered for the vice-presidential role. Instead, she suggested he choose a black woman, advice that Biden listed to by selecting Harris, then-a California senator.

However, with critics highlighting Biden’s visibly declining health at the age of 81, Whitmer has once again emerged as a potential contender for the vice presidency or even the White House, according to Page Six.  

Moreover, the book places her as a potential Democratic favorite for the 2028 Democratic presidential nomination. 

“If Joe Biden croaked tomorrow, there are … people who would absolutely pave the runway for Gretchen to land in the Oval [Office] in either a presidential or VP role,” an individual with knowledge of the book deal told Page Six

The individual claimed that Whitmer is perceived as “the future” of the Democratic Party, “in a way that is less glossy and annoying compared to” California Gov. Gavin Newsom, another rumored top contender in the event of a health emergency affecting Biden or Harris.