Woke Rep. Complains GOP Govs. Target ‘Communities of Color’ by Busing Illegals


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Woke Rep. Jasmine Crockett, D-Texas, claimed that Republicans were targeting “communities of color” by busing illegal immigrants from the southern border to sanctuary cities.

The controversial opinion is not likely to win any support from the Fort Worth-area lawmaker’s own constituents, whom Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been looking out for by moving the flood of new dependents from his state.

However, it is likely to thwart Crockett’s own hopes of attaining higher office in the nation’s largest red state, which open-border activists have aggressively sought to flip blue in the past few election cycles to no avail.

If they were to succeed in doing so, it would all but assure permanent Democrat majorities in the Electoral College, which decides the presidency, as well as congressional elections.

Crockett not only denounced conservative politicians for harming the cities at a local level, but also accused them of racism because cities like New York, Philadelphia and Chicago are all run by black mayors, according to Twitchy.

“While they say it’s about Democrat-run cities, I do want to point out another similarity that they have: these are cities that are run by African Americans,” Crockett said. “So, while I know they love to pretend as if there are no racial undertones, it is just striking to me that we specifically are going after African-American-run cities.”

All three of the cities named by Crockett established “sanctuary” policies before or during the Trump presidency as a means of defying his efforts to enforce federal immigration law.

Chicago’s history as a sanctuary city arguably stretches back to 1985, when Mayor Harold Washington signed an executive order prohibiting enforcement of immigration laws within the boundary of the city.

Then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who previously served as chief of staff during the Obama administration, reaffirmed the city’s sanctuary status days after President Donald Trump’s 2016 election.

As a mayoral candidate in 2021, current New York City Mayor Eric Adams wholeheartedly approved of its status as a sanctuary.

Adams may regret that decision now, as the influx of millions of immigrants in the city has continually caused a myriad of problems for its residents.

Despite Adams’s very apparent struggle with the matter, other city officials have encouraged the arrival of more migrants, even going as far as publishing a “bill of rights” for the legal citizens of other countries that happen to inhabit the Big Apple.

Social media users flamed Crockett in response to her speech, pointing out that the mayors of sanctuary cities were suffering the consequences of policies they endorsed.

“They said all were welcome and that is why they are being sent there,” one user tweeted. “It has nothing to do with color, and everything to do with Democratic policy.”

“I was told diversity makes communities stronger,” another user quipped.

Some were struck by the leap of logic it took for Crockett to conclude that they were harming communities of color by sending more people of color—unless, of course, Crockett was signaling her own anti-immigrant biases.