Two Red States Shut Down A Chinese Plot Before It Was Too…

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It’s no secret that communist China has been making inroads into the United States. They sent a spy balloon to fly over military bases–only for Biden to do nothing about it. We know that they are using popular social apps to monitor millions of Americans.

But the very worst thing they appear to be doing affects the very soil we stand on.

China-owned businesses have been buying large portions of land across the country. This deprives U.S. citizens of vital farmland, but it’s much worse than that. Oddly enough, the land China keeps buying is dangerously close to military bases. Huh, I wonder if there’s a coincidence. Some states have tried to stop this but were blocked by lobbyists. Not in this red state.

From Daily Wire:

Lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation on Wednesday to prevent state-controlled enterprises from China and other adversarial nations from owning land intended for agriculture or property near military bases.

North Carolina is one of the first states to take this extraordinary move to prevent China from buying up land. Virginia’s Gov. Youngkin early on opposed letting China build on U.S. soil. And now, the Lone Star state is quickly following.

From Breitbart:

A law that would ban Chinese citizens from purchasing certain types of farmland has been passed in the Texas Senate…

Senate Bill 147 aims to ban citizens of four nations deemed hostile to the United States — China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea — from purchasing farmland, with lawmakers fearing that the sale of such land to individuals hostile to America could jeopardize the country’s food security.

North Carolina’s bill seemed to be aimed at preventing China from buying land close to military bases. But Texas’s bill is far more all-encompassing. It not only bans China, but other hostile nations like Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

The goal of its bill is to prevent these rogue nations from harming the U.S.’s food supply. Many have worried about what might happen, should China buy too much of our own farmland. Why in the world would anyone let a foreign nation (one that is hostile toward us) to own our farmland? Does anyone think China won’t ship all the produce overseas, leaving us with nothing?

But the farming lobbies are only seeing dollar signs. They blocked a similar bill in South Dakota, along with other states. China not only owns farmland in the U.S. but even meat-packing facilities.

If nothing is done, China might literally take the food out of Americans’ mouths.