Thug Gets KNOCKED Into Next Week After Groping Girl [WATCH]


A nasty man who was not able to resist Himself and touched a woman’s butt paid the price he will never forget.

A viral video shows a girl who was wearing short shorts and yelling at the guy in question for allegedly touching her butt.

A man came forward and intervenes in their quarrel shoving the guy seemingly angling for a fight. As a result, the guy was pushed backward. Suddenly, a third guy coming from the back of the pervert launches a surprise attack that knocked him down. He managed to stand back up but the 2nd man who shoved him gave him the finishing blow that made him fall asleep.

The person whose filming the video was cheering on them and insulting the unconscious man who got knocked out. “You got knocked the f*** out!” the person filming exclaims as he walks past at the end of the clip.

One Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page, “He had no right to put his hands on her”. “That being said if she wasn’t advertising maybe he wouldn’t have thought it was an invitation. Just saying put some damn pants on that cover your butt.”

“Maybe if she wore a little longer shorts instead of having her ass hanging out that might not of happened,” another added. “Girls now days wear clothes where their breasts and buts hang out no wonder so many get assaulted. Do not touch.”

Others were opposing to the previous comments saying whatever she was wearing, the man had no right to put his hands on her.

“Back in the 70’s girls wore hot pants. (maybe not quite that short but damn close ),” one viewer commented. “Never would have the guys grabbed them. And I don’t really care what she was wearing or not wearing that don’t give you the right to just reach out and grab. Hell back in the day when in high school we had a spot we’d go skinny dipping and no girl got pawed on just cause she was naked.”

“No matter what she is wearing it does not give anyone the right to touch without permission,” another ClashDaily reader added.

“He shouldn’t have touched her no matter what she was wearing!!” another wrote. “With that said, it’s also my opinion that if you’re going to dress in short shorts that half your ass is hanging out, you’re wanting attention! I’m not saying you want to be touched, but you definitely want dudes looking at you! You like the attention or you wouldn’t dress like that! Just sayin.”



Sources:  Clash Daily, America Now Video Credit: YouTube