The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Makes a LOT More Sense….

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The Olympics in China have been going on for at least a week now, right?

Well, I can honestly say that I have not watched any of it and will continue not watching it like many of you all too. Seriously, how can anyone watch these Olympic games and support China in any way at all?

At any rate, since I am not watching the Olympics it has given me a chance to revisit the 2012 opening ceremony for the Olympics.

You remember that one, right?

It was totally creepy and I remember my family and me watching it thinking that it was so odd. What did it have to do with the games?

Absolutely nothing, but it did have me thinking after the last couple of years that maybe, just maybe it was predictive programming of what was to come.

If you don’t happen to remember it, don’t worry, I got you and will help refresh your memory on how icky the entire ceremony was.

Let’s start with this:

Um, that is a little weird.

You have a giant black Death Personified figure walking around a room full of hospital beds!

Now let me ask you unless you’re on a LOT of drugs, who comes up with this CRAP?


Who is sitting around a board room planning out the 2012 Olympics and says, “you know what I think we need?  You know what would really start the games off on a great note this year?  A giant DEATH walking around a room full of hospital beds.”

It’s creepy as hell and very demonic.

The only question is whether it was planned.

“Symbolism will be their downfall.”

Here’s more:


And remember this?

Another scene from the Games:

If you want to watch the whole thing and prove I’m not taking it “out of context” I’ve got the full video for you right here.

Jump to about 43:49

It also appears like they disabled video embedding for that link so you will have to actually click that link to watch it.




This next video claims to “decode” the creepy 2012 Opening Ceremonies.

Of course, they have their own explanation for what all these creepy images mean.

And of course, they think it couldn’t possibly be anything nefarious or demonic.

You be the judge:

Luckily, we have the intrepid “fact-checkers” at the USA Today who have already looked into the situation and determined it to be 100% false and preposterous that the 2012 Olympics predicted (or telegraphed?) the COVID planned demic, take a look:

The claim: The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony predicted the coronavirus crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world in the spring of 2020, odd memes and conspiracy theories spread along with it, including one related to the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The theory says that back in 2012, a segment of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London predicted the coronavirus crisis.

Nearly a year later, the theory is still spreading, even though nothing in the Olympics performance mentions the new type of coronavirus that emerged in China late in 2019. A woman in Canada shared the theory on Facebook on Jan. 13. The user did not respond to a request for comment from USA TODAY.

Fireworks explode during the Opening Ceremony at the 2012 Summer Olympics, in London. Philadelphia will not pursue a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Mayor Michael Nutter announced on Wednesday.
The ceremony

The 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony was four hours long and highlighted British history and culture.

The conspiracy theory concentrates on a 15-minute portion.

This part was designed to honor and celebrate Great Britain’s National Health Service (a government program that provides health care at low cost), a British children’s hospital, and the nation’s body of children’s literature. A video of the ceremony is available on YouTube, and is discussed at the Olympic Games website and in articles about it over the years.

The performers included patients from the children’s hospital and real medical personnel.

The Health Service and children’s literature part of the show was a bonkers spectacle.

It had creepy music (including “Tubular Bells,” a song used in “The Exorcist” horror film), dance music, dancing nurses, characters on roller skates, children in pajamas jumping on hospital beds, towering villainous puppets, and a fleet of Mary Poppins nannies who flew in with their umbrellas to chase away frightening monsters.

The conspiracy theorists see clues to the pandemic in the performance.

Fact check:Fake quote about right to bear arms attributed to George Washington

The conspiracy theories

The image that the Facebook user shared is a photo from the ceremony. It shows nurses in vintage costumes standing among children in antique-style hospital beds that glow with light. There is a giant sculpture of a sleeping baby in the background.

“They told us in 2012,” states the headline text on the photo.

In the comments, the woman added a longer video clip to allegedly provide further explanation.

Actors perform in a sequence meant to represent Britain’s National Health Service during the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in London on July 27, 2012.
The video shows the nurses putting the children to bed as a lullaby plays. The nurses put their fingers over their lips with the “shh” gesture to tell the children to be quiet and go to sleep. The video adds still photos of former President Barack Obama with a finger over his lips in the “shh, be quiet” gesture, and similar photos of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other famous people.

The video ends as a girl in bed reads the “Peter Pan” novel by flashlight under the covers. Then it jumps ahead in the performance to show a moment of the monsters entering the scene among the beds.

To add more information, another commenter shared a poster of famous people making the “shh” gesture. It says “Vow of Silence” and the gesture is a reminder of the Masonic “obligation of silence.” At the top is a quote by Freemason philosopher Manly P. Hall about reading symbolism.

This all translates in the minds of the conspiracy theorists to the London ceremony in 2012 predicted the pandemic in 2020.

In reality, the ceremony was a celebration of a British institution and its culture. There is no reference to the pandemic or the novel coronavirus.

In May, the Myth Detectors website in the Eurasian nation of Georgia looked in detail at similar claims circulating there and said they are false. So did Reuters.

Our ruling: False

We rate the claim that a segment of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics predicted the coronavirus pandemic FALSE, based on our research. The performance, designed to celebrate Great Britain’s National Health Service and history of children’s literature at the same time, is certainly an unusual mashup, but nothing in it said or depicted anything about the coronavirus.


Thanks, fact-checkers!

I don’t know what we’d do with you….probably think for ourselves and use our brains or something, but that’s just a silly idea!

You be the judge.

Drop a comment below.








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