Texas Senate Crushes Leftist Sacred Cow That Will Completely…

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The battle for America doesn’t being on Twitter or even the ballot booth. It begins with our children. For years, Democrats have captured future generations of voters by brainwashing them through our schools.

But it looks like they are going to have a harder time, at least in one state.

Numerous red states have moved to shut down the left’s attempt at hijacking our schools. Lawmakers have passed numerous measures to prevent the radical left from hurting students, either in mind or body. And now, one major red state is crushing one of the left’s biggest idols–at the very source.

From Just the News:

The Texas Senate passed SB 16, Banning Critical Race Theory in Texas Universities, filed by Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Tyler.

The bill amends state education code by requiring public institutions of higher education to “be committed to creating an environment intellectual inquiry and academic freedom so that all students are equipped for participation in the workforce and the betterment of society…” according to the bill language. It also prohibits these institutions from compelling certain beliefs.

Texas’s state Senate passed a bill that will amend the existing state education code. This new bill will require colleges and universities to focus on actually preparing students for a career in the real world. Instead of pushing woke ideas that serve no purpose, other than to warp a person’s mind.

The code prohibits schools from compelling certain beliefs. That will most likely include views that distort America’s history, pushing radical race-based ideas often called “critical race theory.” From public schools to colleges, leftist teachers have pushed CRT to tarnish America’s history.

They rewrite our history to paint our Founding Fathers as racists because they owned slaves. CRT tries to convince students that America was “built” on slavery, so they grow up to hate our history and heritage. All so leftists can erase our national heritage of liberty and capitalism and replace it with socialism.

If this bill passes in the state House and is signed into law, it will be a big step in shutting down this leftist scheme. Democrats have been spreading this kind of ideology for years across movies, television, books, music, and media.

Unless Americans stand up for their heritage, it won’t be around much longer.