Ted Cruz Sends White House an Urgent Demand That They Had BETTER…

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We all know the truth. Unless Republicans work overtime to hold Democrats accountable, there is no telling what they are up to. Frequently, we discover how powerful Democrats in D.C. use their connections to get rich. Often, it is at the expense of the American taxpayer… or even our national security.

Now, Sen. Ted Cruz is raising the alarm. A team of Republicans gave the Federal Reserve a visit, to investigate “possible criminal behavior” of one well-connected Democrat family. What they discovered seems to be very incriminating. And now, the Texas senator is raising hell.

From Daily Wire:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called on Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen this week to immediately release all suspicious activity reports related to President Joe Biden’s family after Republicans in the House raised the alarm this week after visiting the Treasury Department over the matter.

A team of House Republicans received “thousands of pages” of Biden family financial records. Rep. James Comer said this confirmed the importance of their investigation into the Biden family. Ted Cruz was stunned at the revelation, saying Janet Yellen needed to release these documents to the public.

If not, she is part of the coverup.

Cruz was alarmed that “so much” money was coming from China into the Bidens’ accounts. We know that several members of the Biden family were receiving cash investments from Chinese companies. But we don’t know why these communist-run entities were willing to fork over millions to Biden’s relatives.

Shouldn’t the American people know who is buying their leaders? Cruz demanded Yellen release these documents, stating there was no “national security” reason to keep them secret. But will Yellen, a Biden appointee, do this?

It will probably take more pressure from Republicans before that happens. These documents might reveal to the public that Biden is little more than a puppet for China. They have bankrolled his entire family, now he is just doing their bidding.

Chances are, Democrats will do their best to prevent this information from coming out. They know this kind of news will kill Biden’s re-election chances. So, they will obstruct as much as they can to keep it quiet.