The View Guest Drops Gut-Wrenching Comment That Will Make You See Red….

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If you want insightful political commentary, the last place you’ll look is ABC’s The View. The pointless talk show is hosted by loudmouths that have the combined IQs of third graders. And whenever they open their mouths, I am reminded of why I don’t watch the show.

They had a guest co-host, little-known actress Patti LuPone. You might remember her from… nothing. The left-wing Hollywood has-been decided to complain about Gov. Ron DeSantis’s move to protect children from the mutilation-loving transgender movement. And this is what she said.

From Daily Caller:

Actress and guest co-host on “The View,” Patti LuPone, said she cannot tell the difference between the Taliban and the Christian right…

“I don’t know why he’s doing this. I don’t know – I mean, you know, I said this before. I’m going to get in trouble. I’ve said this before, it’s been in print: I don’t know the difference between our Christian right and the Taliban is. I have no idea what the difference is.”

Let’s be honest about what LuPone is doing. She’s not just a stupid has-been actress complaining about Christian conservatives. She is a mouthpiece for the liberal establishment, which has long stirred up fear and hatred against conservatives and people of faith.

When she compared hard-working, law-abiding, peace-loving American Christians with a radical Islamic terrorist group, she is trying to convince Americans that Christians are violent terrorists. She is pushing the narrative that Christians are “threats” to our country and that their “extremists” views are the same as a hostile group like the Taliban.

She is deliberately ignoring the fact that Christian values are what shaped this country. Instead, she is trying to fearmonger her viewers into thinking Christians are monsters that want to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

What do you think that is going to lead to? Perhaps unhinged transgenders shooting up Christian schools?

This kind of vile rhetoric is what leads to violence. But LuPone won’t be “canceled” for saying this. She won’t have to apologize. How many will be hurt because of her?