Special Counsel Calls For Wisconsin VOTES To Be DECERTIFIED!

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Things are getting interesting with the 2020 election results, and maybe just maybe things will finally boil over into action.

We all know that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and that is not a wold “conspiracy” theory, but fact.

The only way that the left could win an election is by theft and they did just that by seizing onto the COVID-19 pandemic mandates.


They needed the pandemic to push the “mail-in” ballots in the name of “safety”.

However, it was all just a clever ruse to get people to stay home and the left could then manufacture the ballots needed to push senile Joe Biden into the White House.

Thankfully, people have not stopped questioning the election results despite the left’s constant attempt to sweep it under the proverbial rug.

Special Counsel Michael Gableman has been investigating the fraud which took place in Wisconsin for some time now…

Numerous ‘discrepancies‘ were reported out of Wisconsin during the 2020 election like the 83,000 ‘missing’ ballots that remain a mystery till this very day.

Gableman has recently announced just some of the findings in his ongoing investigation and has even made calls to decertify the results of the 2020 election in Wisconsin.


In response to this, the Wisconsin GOP has called an emergency meeting…

Could the 1st state decertify the results in an attempt to rectify the 2020 fraud be Wisconsin?

According to these reports, that may just be the case:

The Associated Press provided more context:

His report also criticized how the state handled nursing home ballots during the pandemic as well as absentee ballot drop boxes. He recommended dismantling the bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission that Republicans created.

Gableman said his report provided rationale for decertifying the election, but whether to do that wasn’t up to him. The report said doing that would not change who is president.


According to The Gateway Pundit, the Wisconsin GOP has called an emergency meeting in response to Gableman’s recommendation to decertify the results of the 2020 election in this letter:

As I have been traveling around the states County Chairs have requested a dialogue with legislative leaders in person to have a frank conversation.

We have been able to make schedules work for a meeting of the County Chairmen on the evening of March 16th in Stevens Point. It will run from 6:30pm till 9pm.

This is for county chairs and vice chairs only. The meeting will include a legislative report and discussion with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, followed by discussion of direction and priorities of the Republican Party moving forward in the eight months until Election Day.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Special Counsel Calls For Wisconsin VOTES To Be DECERTIFIED!

  1. De-Certification needs to happen. This is well within the arms/ reach of the U.S. Constitution. Go, Go, Go Wisconsin.

  2. Proven bribery, among so many other problems, should absolutely decertify this . States vote. Every state desires and citizens demand, open, honest ballots for a true voice of their citizens.
    President Trump was the true winner, but both Dems and republicans should want and demand their citizens get who/what they voted for. Not a stolen victory

  3. PA Supreme Court determined that ballot drop boxes were not a legal election method. But will we decertify? Ha!

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