Something Just Happened That Made Sure Whitmer Won’t Be Reelected

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Over the last couple of years, the nation has been able to see who the Democrats truly are.

These so-called “leaders for the average American” have proved that they only care about power and money. Since the COVID debacle began, the nation has witnessed “rules for thee, but not for me”.


We have witnessed Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done, maskless while others were fined for even venturing out of their homes. Governor Gavin Newsom went to sporting events without a mask or even bothering to socially distance himself from others and the list goes on, but the worst has to be Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer overstepped her bounds in Michigan during the pandemic, stretching out the shutdowns, punishing businesses, and essentially ruling over her citizens like a dictator, and now she is in big trouble.


According to the latest poll numbers, Whitmer’s opponent Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is leading her by eight points with independent voters.

From Breitbart

The survey found that 41 percent of independents would vote for Craig, compared to just 33 percent support for Whitmer. Overall, Whitmer’s lead is less than one percent, bringing the race to a statistical tie, with 44.3 percent of likely voters supporting her, compared to 43.7 percent for Craig.

The Blueprint Polling survey polled 632 Michigan voters from February 1-4.

The difference between Craig and Whitmer is evidenced by their response to the Canadian Freedom Convoy protesting onerous vaccine mandates and public health regulations.

Whitmer said the protesters are engaging in an “illegal blockade” and that they “do not have a right to illegally block these international borders where we have so much commerce.” Michigan’s governor even called on the Canadian government to “do whatever it takes” to end the protests.

On the other hand, Craig stood in solidarity with the protesters. “I stand with the truckers. I support all working people who are standing up for personal freedom,” Craig said. “What we are seeing is a tremendous lack of leadership from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Joe Biden and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.”


Well, this can’t be too surprising…

Gretchen has always been more interested in being Biden’s VP than Michigan’s governor.

4 thoughts on “Something Just Happened That Made Sure Whitmer Won’t Be Reelected

  1. I completely agree that the democrats are out for power and control and don’t care one bit about We the People. I wonder how many republicans are in the same mold. I’m sure there are some, maybe most republicans that really care but, even most of those, don’t do more than pay lip service tom the plight of the masses. We don’t care about climate change or what happens in the Ukraine. We do care about our dwindling income thanks to Biden’s inflation, the increasing cost of energy, again thanks to Biden closing down our energy sources. We, the USA, have become the laughing stock of the world, again, thanks to dopey Joe. He must be removed ASAP buy those that now are doing nothing more than paying lip service!!

  2. [The protesters] “do not have a right to illegally block these international borders where we have so much commerce.”
    Yet Fidel Trudeau Jr. BLOCKED the border for YEAR and a HALF.

  3. Governor Witchmer should be in jail awaiting trial for her role in the Covid-19 Plannedemic and her ties to Communist China and the lockstep coordinated NWO suspension of the constitution in our country. They neither had the authority nor the legal justification and should face military tribunals for her role in the nursing home deaths her actions caused along with Governors Wolf, Murphy, Cuomo and Newsom as well as her involvement in the fake kidnapping plot carried out by CIA. We the people want your heads on a platter.

  4. It doesn’t matter HOW dictatorial and harmful to the “people” a candidate is.. the Dem party will still cheat to get her or him elected again! The only reason to have elections again is to convince us that we are still living in a free country, and to make the billions if dollars the voters send to their “parties” to hopefully get their candidate in! A tip to all…don’t waste your money on either party!

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